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Busting the 6 Myths of Reiki with Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre

By Contributed content 13 June 2018
MSatoe Sasakiany people have a misunderstanding about reiki and sometimes even discontinue practicing it because of these misconceptions. To set the record straight and bust some of the most common myths around this form of natural therapy, we catch up with reiki practitioner and owner of Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre, Satoe Sasaki.

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Developed in Japan in 1922, reiki uses a technique commonly known as palm healing where hands are laid on the body in a prescribed pattern for the transferal of universal energy to promote self-healing and equilibrium. Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique which is used to treat physical ailments such as stress, insomnia, grief and depression. While many people in Hong Kong recognise reiki as a great way to heal themselves and find more balance in their lives, there are still many misunderstanding about it, so I hope to bust some of the most popular myths I have heard over the years in the hope that more people can learn about reiki and its health benefits.
  1. Only psychic people can practice reiki

    Wrong. Anyone can learn and perform reiki because this concept of therapy comes from our instinct. If you don’t feel energy at all, you can learn how to. Our mission is to assist people in performing and mastering reiki until they feel confident enough to practice it.
  2. I have to use and purchase expensive materials like crystals or lucky charms to keep the energy clean while practicing reiki

    The only tools you need to practice reiki are your hands. It is not necessary to use other items in order to apply reiki safely. If you are told otherwise, then there is a chance you may not be doing it correctly.
  3. When I applied hands-on reiki to a person, I absorb negative energy from them

    When you practice reiki, you do not take any negative energy from the person receiving it. Reiki works by transferring energy from the practitioner to the receiver which the practitioner receives through their reiki passage. If you wish to give reiki, we have several suggestions on how to improve this passage.
  4. If I can feel energy well it means I can perform reiki well

    The ability to feel (or scan) energy and the ability to pass energy is different. A better healer may have a strong ability to pass energy, but may not be as good at feeling energy. On the other hand, someone who can feel or scan energy well may not have much energy to pass. By practicing reiki, we can develop both abilities.
  5. Receiving reiki attunement (or initiation) is necessary for learning reiki and can enable special abilities such as seeing auras or predicting fortunes

    This is not true as not all people have abilities like this. While some people have reported special happenings which they never experienced before, this is not the quintessential goal of reiki and we have to be careful because it can often mislead people to the wrong perception that, “I have a super power”.
  6. If healers (or senders) provide several people with healing at one time, they might become exhausted and need to rest for a certain period of the time

    You may be confusing reiki with other types of energy work. In reiki, we don’t get tired even when we are providing healing to several people. Senders always receive reiki and gain energy too when they provide healing to someone.
Find out more about reiki. Want to find out how you can benefit from receiving reiki or learn how to practice it yourself? Send Satoe a message, visit Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre in Causeway Bay, or visit the NPO Japan Reiki Association website.
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