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18 Apr - 18 Apr

Ochadozo presents: Matcha tasting and Japanese tea film viewing

By Localiiz 23 March 2022

Event Information

Hosted by certified Nihoncha Instructor Association tea instructor, Yuki Futami, this 90-minute event incorporates a virtual demonstration of a traditional matcha preparation and tasting followed by a screening session of Gochiso Chaji: A Film About Japanese Tea. Yuki Futami will lead participants through a journey in the tastes of Japanese matcha from Nara and Kagoshima, accompanied by authentic Japanese okashi (お菓子; sweets), before launching into an in-depth discussion.

Afterwards comes a screening of Gochiso Chaji directed by Makoto Takatsu, giving a glimpse into the passions and challenges faced by the long line of personnel involved in the process of making tea, from the growers to the tea shop sellers. Participants will receive their equipment about a week before the virtual meet-up, including a wonderful bundle of a high-end chasen (tea whisk), organic matcha powder, a tasting sheet to note down impressions, and more! Sign up for tickets by clicking here.


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