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19 Mar - 19 Apr

Hong Kong Flower Show 2021

By Localiiz 18 March 2021

Event Information

START DATE 19 Mar 2021
END DATE 19 Apr 2021
Across Hong Kong

Header image courtesy of LCSD

Returning with the theme “City of Flowers, City of Love,” the Hong Kong Flower Show is putting an extra-special twist on this year. Due to concerns for public health and safety, both Western- and Asian-style garden plots will be scattered across all 18 districts to help disperse crowded gatherings, and the number of guests will be limited in order to maintain physical distancing. The fun continues online, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of all the flowers from home.

While the LCSD has been quietly setting up the garden plots since the beginning of the month, all the fun events and activities that typically take place during the annual flower show will now be shown on the event’s official website from 19 March to 19 April. Expect a wide variety of attractions such as flower planting demonstrations, interactive games for the little ones, tips on flower-viewing and floral photography, and flower-themed WhatsApp stickers, all of which can be enjoyed from the safety and comfort of your own home!

The star of the show this year is the rhododendron, so it is only fitting that the Online Flower Show will be streaming an animated storytelling of the legend of the rhododendron as well. You can also find two larger flower displays at Kowloon Park and the Central waterfront showcasing rhododendrons and tulips, respectively.

During the online Flower Show period, the Hong Kong Science Museum will introduce a special exhibition, “Exploring Flowers with Five Senses,” which allows visitors a multi-sensory experience with flora. The Hong Kong Central Library and the City Hall Public Library will be exhibiting themed book displays on flowers and plants, too.

Visitors may also participate in a lucky draw for some exciting prizes by voting for their favourite flower patch under the categories of “Oriental-style garden plot” and “Western-style garden plot.” Check out the locations here, and be sure to mask up and be safe when visiting in person!


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