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19 Mar - 31 Jul

Hong Kong Arts Centre presents: “Women Direct Korean Indies!—Korean Women Independent Film Series”

By Localiiz 9 March 2021

Event Information

START DATE 19 Mar 2021
END DATE 31 Jul 2021
Louis Koo Cinema, UB, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai
(+852) 2824 5310

In South Korea, women have been voicing out loud through activist movements such as #EscapeTheCorset, #MeToo, #MyLifeIsNotYourPorn, and 4B (or Four No‘s— no romance, marriage, sex and childbirth). The first feminist political party, the Women’s Party, has also been recently formed to fight for more influence in the development of the deeply patriarchal and conservative Korean society.

More prominent and realistic images of women have also appeared in Korean cinema. A growing number of women filmmakers are creating courageous and captivating works to make their views be seen and heard, and #SendingMySpirit also encourages people to buy tickets for films with greater female involvement. Proudly presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival and the Seoul Independent Film Festival, “Women Direct. Korean Indies!—Korean Women Independent Film Series” brings you on a journey to explore the recent wave of women’s independent cinema. The selected works observe and delineate women’s places and emotions in Korean society with great intimacy and delicacy, and will show you a diversity of women’s lives that you might not have experienced before.

This film series takes place from March to July 2021 under the signature programme of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Independently Yours. Check out Hong Kong Arts Centre‘s website for the full programme details and get your tickets now


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