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19 Mar - 23 Apr

“Make a WISH with JOY” online exhibition & Kendama-painting workshop

By Localiiz 19 March 2021

Event Information

START DATE 19 Mar 2021
END DATE 23 Apr 2021
Full View Factory Building,52 Tong Mei Rd, Mong Kok (workshop)

Inspired by Japanese culture and craftsmanship, Hong Kong-based contemporary artist Alison Hui is presenting an online exhibition entitled “Make a WISH with JOY,” on view from 19 March to 23 April 2021

Japanese food and culture have had a great impact on Hong Kongers. The artist selectively picked two Japanese traditional cultural items to develop the series: Kendama, a wooden toy with a long history in Japan that has become a trendy sport among youths all over the world; and Daruma Doll, a spiritual item often purchased from temples for wishing and displayed in homes as an auspicious home piece in modern times. The Daruma Doll carries people‘s wishes, while the Kendama brings joy to the players. Both mediums symbolise two values that are particularly important to us during this pandemic period: joy and hope.

Alison uses the items to express her appreciation of traditional Japanese culture and craftsmanship, and hopes her artwork will encourage people to enjoy the present moment and make a wish with joy in an era of uncertainties. 

To complement the online exhibition, Alison will also be hosting offline Kendama painting workshops, allowing participants to learn about Kendama craftsmanship and try their hand at painting a customised Kendama pattern with the artist! Sign up for a workshop session here.


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