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18 Mar - 18 Apr

Little Fables at Whitestone Gallery

By Localiiz 23 March 2020

Event Information

START DATE 18 Mar 2020
END DATE 18 Apr 2020
Whitestone Gallery, 7-8/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central

Little Fables, a group exhibition featuring works from six young artists, including Sebastian Chaumeton (UK), Jiang Miao (China), Etsu Egami (Japan), Yuji Kanamaru (Japan), Asa Go (Japan / Korea) and Karen Shiozawa (Japan).

Fable is a genre of literature that is in a form of short fictional stories, poems or prose, usually contains characters of anthropomorphic animals and nature, vividly conveys a moral lesson to the readers. Whilst fables are generally read by children so to teach them how to behave in the society, there are also cultural values embedded in fables coming from different countries and regions, and moreover, some of them even have themes of adulthood that are revealing the dark side of the world.

In this exhibition, the artists interweave their perceptions of the world and their memories and senses to compose their own fables through forms of art-making. The highlight of the exhibition is Sebastian Chaumeton’s art installation that consists of his latest paintings and sculptures, making references to social media, meme culture, art history, politics, etc. In addition, young artists Etsu Egami and Karen Shiozawa will be exhibiting in Hong Kong for the first time, both of them use their unique art language to paint a story they would tell, be it self-discovery or dreamy landscape. Jiang Miao, and Yuji Kanamaru will present their latest works in the exhibition. Using themes around life and death, the artists communicate with the audience through “heavenly eyes”, and animals that carry different meanings. Lastly, Asa Go’s work from 2007 will take people on the path of imagination, being mesmerized in her version of the fable.


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