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01 Mar - 26 Jun

“From Player to Page” videogame English writing competition

By Localiiz 21 April 2021

Event Information

START DATE 01 Mar 2021
END DATE 26 Jun 2021
(+852) 9847 4764
$150 (Independent entry); varying entry fees for school entry

Every great video game comes with a great story that engages, inspires, and amazes its audience. Cicero Study Solutions is bringing together video game enthusiasts and budding writers with their English writing competition “From Player to Page,“ designed to encourage young talents to compose works that are written for, inspired by, or derived from videogames. Harnessing the creativity found in games, they hope to reveal the academic talent of the player, and commit it to the page. 

Open to Hong Kong Secondary students aged 11 to 18, the competition is split into three categories—review writing, character development, and scriptwriting—catering for talents with different writing styles and interests. Interested students can apply through a group school application or an individual application. Winners and runner ups will be awarded prizes like writing tablets and computer accessories, as well as valuable experiences like writing workshops by Lancaster University and professional voice coaching with All Voice Talent. 

Registration is open until 1 June and entry submissions close on 26 June—don't miss the deadlines if you wish to take part in the competition! For more details about “From Player to Page“ and to sign up, head over to their website.


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