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04 Mar - 04 Mar

Young Soy Gallery presents: “Milkmade” launch party

By Localiiz 2 March 2021

Event Information

START DATE 04 Mar 2021
END DATE 04 Mar 2021
Young Soy Gallery, Unit 2219, 22/F, 10 Lee Hing Street, Ap Lei Chau
(+852) 6079 4775

Snap, crackle… patriarchy? Young Soy Gallery presents “Milkmade,” a series of Riya Chandiramani’s cereal box creations. Sexual and cynical, colourful and (almost) consumable, the paintings in Chandiramani’s cereal box series provide insight into ideas of worship, capitalism and power. 

Chandiramani encourages her viewers to question the patriarchal society we often readily accept, by depicting fierce female goddesses who perform life-giving acts. She rejects censorship and instead embraces natural beauty and the female figure. Young Soy Gallery believes “Milkmade” adds some much-needed flavour to everyone’s morning cereal. 

The one-night exhibition is doubling as a launch party for Chandiramani and will run from 7 pm until late, with plenty of “cereal-themed drinks, great tunes, and sweet vibes” to go around. Prints will be made available for sale online.


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