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25 Feb - 28 Mar

New Cinema Collective and Hong Kong Arts Centre presents “The Emerging Power of Asian Cinema”

By Localiiz 17 March 2021

Event Information

START DATE 25 Feb 2021
END DATE 28 Mar 2021
Locations across Hong Kong

Established by the Ground Up Film Society, the New Cinema Collective is working with the Hong Kong Arts Centre to spark new inspiration and insight amongst Hong Kong young filmmakers. Through case studies of Asian independent and art film productions and conversations with industry professionals, this programme seeks to illuminate new possibilities in the local film production scene, and offer new perspectives to emerging filmmakers.

Organized as three thematic strands—Co-production, Post-production, and International Distribution, the programme presents more than 20 films from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Combining in-person and live stream screenings, connect with a talented pool of film professionals from all over the city and across Asia through post-screening talks, masterclasses, and panel discussions. From now until 28 March, visit the Hong Kong Arts Centre or iSquare mall for an immersive in-house viewing, and keep an eye out for online updates via their website!

Not even a pandemic can stop these individuals from living out their passion for the film world. Continue the dialogue with an amazing panel that includes Wong Chun (Director of Mad World), Jun Li (Director of Drifting), Chan Kin Long (Director of Hand Rolled Cigarette), Chan Tze Woon (Director of Yellowing), Kwok Zune (Director of Night is Young), Wong Fei Pang (Director of Ten Years), Cyrus Tang (Sound Designer of The Murders of Oiso), Ren Xia (Founder of Equal Write Union Hong Kong) and Didi Wu (Programmer of Hong Kong Asian Film Festival).


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