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25 Feb - 13 Mar

Secret Theatre Project presents: “Redemption Room”

By Localiiz 29 January 2021

Event Information

START DATE 25 Feb 2021
END DATE 13 Mar 2021

Brought to you by Secret Theatre Projects, “Redemption Room” is a new, immersive online thriller experience where the audience will get to judge six disgraced celebrities as they seek redemption for their societal crimes. The production format takes a thrilling twist after an evil entity is awakened into the proceedings.

The experience will go live across the world in a Zoom studio featuring contestants from six major cities: Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Sydney, and New York. The production will be going live from all those cities where our celebrities are located.

As the studio audience in the online experience, you will vote on how far we push the contestants’ fears. But be warned, every-night audiences will be judging the proceedings and one audience member will even be asked to compete with the celebrities. So as an audience attendee you can vote, you can judge, you can contact the celebrities directly and have an outcome on the experience!

There will be various screening times for Hong Kong and Singapore on various dates where audiences can enjoy the production from 7 pm to 10 pm. Visit their webpage for specific dates and time slots!


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