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Your Guide to Hong Kong's Most Popular Local Drinking Games

By Jenny Leung 24 December 2018
When it comes to the nightlife scene here in Hong Kong, there’s certainly no shortage of fun and games, and we mean that literally! While bars across town offer games such as beer pong and darts, there are also plenty of local drinking games you can play to make your night out extra fun. So, to help you get down with the locals and impress your friends, our resident expert here at Localiiz has gathered the most quintessential Hong Kong drinking games you need to know.

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Liar's Dice

Liar’s Dice is the name of the game, and the objective is to lie and bluff your way through to the very end – without getting caught! Number of players: Two players or more What you need: A dice cup & five dice for each player Instructions:
  1. The game begins with everyone placing their dice into the cup, turning it downwards onto the table, and thoroughly shaking the cup.
  2. Players can then look at their hand of dice while keeping it concealed from others.
  3. The first player begins by calling out x number of dice and estimating the total value under everyone’s cups. (x must be two more than the number of players in the game). Example: If there are four players in the game, the first player can start by calling out “six twos” (or any other number between one and six).
  4. Going clockwise, the next player has the option to call out a higher number of dice but with the same face value (“seven twos”), the same number of dice but with a higher face value (“six threes”), or a higher number of dice with a higher face value (“seven threes”). Bearing in mind that six is the highest, and one is a “wild card” that can act like any number between one and six.
  5. As the game progresses and the number of dice being called out gets higher, players in the game are allowed to challenge the previous player’s call if they suspect he or she is lying.
  6. When this happens, all players must lift their cups and reveal their hand. Using “six twos” as an example, if there are indeed six dice with the number two (facing up) amongst all the players, then the player who challenged the call must drink. And if there are less than six twos, the “liar” is caught and must drink.

15, 20

As one of the most popular drinking games around town, 15, 20, is a game that requires nothing but a steady pair of hands and some quick reflex skills! Number of players: Two players What you need: Two pairs of hands Instructions:
  1. To play the game, the two players must sit facing each other, holding out both fists.
  2. Taking turns to shout out the numbers, 5, 10, 15, or 20, each player has to guess how many fingers are shown each time.
  3. As one player calls out any one of the four numbers, both players have the option to either hold out two fists, two open hands, or one open hand and one fist. This corresponds to the number 0, 10, and 5 respectively.
  4. If the player calling out the number correctly guesses the number of fingers shown, the same player gets to call out another number. If not, then the other player gets a turn to do the same thing. The first player to correctly guess the right number of fingers shown twice in a row wins the game, and the loser has to drink.

The Idiot Game

Fun, quick, and simple – the rules for this game are the same as Rock, Paper, Scissors, but with a twist! Number of players: Two players What you need: Two pairs of hands Instructions:
  1. Standard Rock, Paper, Scissors rules apply, only instead of saying “rock, paper, scissors”, players have to say “Who’s an idiot?” as they hold out their hand with either rock, paper, or scissors.
  2. The winning player then has to quickly point at their opponent and respond “You’re an idiot”, while the losing player has to point at themselves and say “I’m an idiot” at the same time.
  3. The players will continue to play the game until either one fails to quickly give the correct response.

Bing, Bang, Wa!

This one requires a little more effort and your full undivided attention... but it’s a drinking game that’s definitely worth a go, especially when you’re with a group of friends. Number of players: Three players or more What you need: A pair of hands Instructions:
  1. Sitting or standing in a circle where all players can face each other, the game starts off when a player points to someone else in the circle while saying “Bing” to pass the imaginary gun.
  2. The player who now has the gun can choose to pass it onto another player by pointing at them and saying “Bing”, or shooting another player in the circle by saying “Bang”.
  3. When the latter happens, the victim has to stay still, while the two players on his or her left and right have to shout “Wa!” with both hands up in the air. Players who fail to do so must drink.
  4. The player with the gun can also shoot upwards to the ceiling and say “Bang”, which means that everyone in the circle must raise their hands and shout “Wa!”.
  5. Anyone who fails to respond with the correct phrase has to drink.

7, 8, 9

There are a few variations of this game, but whatever the rules, 7, 8, 9, is a sure-fire way to knock back a tipple or two (or three)! Number of players: Five players or more What you need: five drinking glasses, a small bowl, two dice, and plenty of alcohol Instructions:
  1. Before the game starts, line up five drinking glasses in a row, and number them in order from 7 to 11. After doing so, players then take turns to roll the two dice into the bowl and add up the two numbers facing upwards.
  2. Players who roll the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, they can pass the dice bowl onto the next player, but those who roll the numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 have to pour alcohol into the glass with the respective number. Players can pour as much or as little as they want.
  3. When one or more of the glasses are full and a player rolls the glass’ corresponding number, they must then take the glass and drink the contents.
  4. When the glass is empty, the cycle starts again.
  5. For players who roll snake eyes, they can appoint someone to drink any one of the glasses, even if they are not full. Players who roll pairs of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 can reverse the game direction.

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Jenny Leung

Senior editor

Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, Jenny grew up with the best of both worlds. She loves just about anything to do with music and doesn’t shy away from belting out a tune or two when it comes to karaoke. If she’s not out and about exploring the city and practising her photography skills, she’s probably tucked up in bed with a book or glued to her laptop doing her online shopping.