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Find the Perfect Wine for Every Moment with WINE MOMENTS

By Promotions 20 June 2017
Have you discovered your love for wine, but still lack “appropriate knowledge”? Still can’t seem to figure out what kind of wine to buy for certain occasions or for a party you’re planning? We’ve all been in front of that large wine rack not knowing what to pick, but what if we told you there is an easier way to explore wine? You don’t need to be an avid wine enthusiast to be able to enjoy good wine, according to the experts at WINE MOMENTS! They’ve found a way to introduce the world of wine to everyone in such a way that anyone can understand it. Their goal is to address the problem most wine-lovers have, which is not knowing what to buy it due to the lack of knowledge of wine, however much they love it. Wine is commonly perceived as a sophisticated product when in reality it's something you can enjoy everyday! You don’t need to be a wine expert to select wine with WINE MOMENTS around. How, you ask? Read on!

What Makes WINE MOMENTS So Special?

WINE MOMENTSWINE MOMENTS believes that wine should spark joy and not fear, so they based their online shop on the idea that wine is a drink you consume at certain moments in life. You need a different bottle of wine when you are lounging on the couch than you would to impress your boss. WINE MOMENTS categorises wines based on the moment it would best suit the bottle to be drunk. Are you meeting up with your friends, are you about to cook a fancy dinner, is there a certain someone you would like to share a glass with? All these moments need different bottles of wine. All you have to look for is that specific moment on their website and they will recommend the right bottle of wine to you. Because all the wines are in stock in their very own warehouse, you can order any combination of wines and have it delivered to you within 0 to 2 working days. For orders over $500, WINE MOMENTS will deliver free of charge.

The Perfect Wine for Summer 

Summer is here and a lot is going on. Still looking for that perfect wine bottle? WINE MOMENTS has some recommendations for that summer outdoor event:

WINE MOMENTS rooftop party

Rooftop Party

It’s a warm summer night and you’re sitting on a rooftop under the stars. Whether it’s a rooftop party with friends or you are just enjoying the Hong Kong skyline from above, there is no better time for a bottle of wine.   WINE MOMENTS Beach Day

Beach Day

The beauty of living in Hong Kong is that with over 50 beaches you don’t have to go far to put your toes in the sand. These wines are easy, fruity, and best enjoyed while barefoot.

WINE MOMENTS Island TripIsland Trip

The weekend is here and you need an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The best way to escape is to grab a bottle of wine, hop on a ferry, and go explore Hong Kong’s outlying islands. WINE MOMENTS knows just the wines you’ll need.

WINE MOMENTS Junk PartyJunk Boating

Summer in Hong Kong means boat party time. Dress in your sexy bikini or coolest board short and have a party in style with the perfect wine!   [su_button url="" target="blank" style="flat" background="#ff9900" color="#ffffff" size="6" center="yes" radius="5"]Click For More Moments[/su_button]

From Wine Pioneers For Wine Pioneers

WINE MOMENTS Team The WINE MOMENTS team is composed of wine pioneers. They too are curious to taste new wines and are always on the lookout for new winemakers and their different products. They want to debunk all kinds of myths surrounding the world of wine and provide facts to help people navigate through the seemingly confusing world of it. So whether you’re a wine lover who’s not so familiar with that world, are searching for new tasty wines, or are on the lookout for the next rising stars in the world of winemaking, WINE MOMENTS is what you need in your life.

More Than Just Wine

It doesn't ALWAYS have to be wine. Sometimes you just need the stronger stuff! Check out WINE MOMENTS's range of non-wines including craft gins, vodkas, tonics, and much more. To get you started, you can try this Gin Cocktail Box: WINE MOMENTS Gin Cocktail Box There is no better summer drink than a Gin cocktail! In this box, you'll find the best Gin and cocktail recipes by WINE MOMENTS:
  • SKIN GIN EDITION BLANC (Sking Gin): The exceptional taste of Skin Gin relies on the choice of seven handpicked botanicals.
  • TONIC WATER (Thomas Henry): Bitter is the new sweet.
  • Special Offer: 3 FREE bottles of Tonic Water & FREE drink recipe cards

For the best wine shopping experience, head on to the WINE MOMENTS website. No matter how crazy your idea is, they'll try and provide help along the way - from selecting the right wines for a wedding, planning the next company dinner, or opening a restaurant. They will not only provide you with help regarding wine, but will also provide print material for your private event. Browse through their Wine Boxes, tailor-made for every moment - from special occasions to laid-back movie nights at home. You might want to join their Wine Club too where you can enjoy monthly wine subscriptions. And don't forget to check out their Events. If you have any questions or need help with choosing the right wine, you can send them an email or follow them on Facebook.

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