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Why You Should Rent a Storage Unit at Minibox Self Storage

By Sponsored content 9 August 2019
It’s no secret that Hong Kong homes are small. Whether you’ve made a few too many online purchases or moved to Hong Kong with more than you have space for, renting out a storage unit with Minibox Self Storage is the perfect solution for those who aren’t quite ready to go full Marie Kondo on their homes. With over 16+ years of experience, Minibox Self Storage has built a loyal customer base, thanks to their high-quality service and security. Here’s why you should consider renting a storage unit in Hong Kong:

It’s walking distance away

The two locations, Kwun Tong and Chai Wan, are both located near MTR stations, making it a breeze for you to bring items to and from the storage units—be it a couple of old memorabilia you haven’t touched for years, winter jackets you no longer need in Hong Kong, or boxes of baby toys your little ones have grown out of. Head over after work or on the weekends without having to dedicate half a day to travelling time alone. 


Storage units in Hong Kong aren’t only for storing home goods; business professionals could also benefit from renting out a storage box of their own. Unused business equipment, event decor, old documents, and inventory around the office could create a cluttered working environment, making it difficult for you and your staff to fully concentrate during work.

Security, check

Since Minibox Self Storage owns its own property, rest assured that the company will do their very best to ensure your belongings are well taken care of. The units are equipped with PIN code access locks, 24-hour video surveillance, security guards to prevent unauthorised access, as well as top-notch fire warning and sprinkler systems installed in the event of fire accidents. If you’re still worried, add on the monthly protection package to get insured in case of accidents or burglaries. 

Different storage sizes available

Those who are sceptical about self-storage could start with the smaller units to see if it’s a feasible everyday solution. Looking to store a book, a bed, or anything in-between? Minibox Self Storage has storage spaces suited for your every need, regardless of the size of your items. The company has six sizes for users to choose from, starting with the smallest Locker option (which is 10 square feet) to the Extra Large option (which is 130 square feet in size).  Not only will a storage unit at Minibox Self Storage help you maximise your living space and boost productivity at work, but you’ll also be able to keep all of your beloved belongings. Time to say goodbye to a messy home and office!
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