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How to hack your travel plans with WeeGo

By Localiiz Branded | 20 June 2022

Header image courtesy of Guilherme Stecanella (via Unsplash)

Redefining the way you search for recommendations, WeeGo is a new exploration platform for quality guides and things to do in the city. But did you know that the app can also broaden your horizons to the rest of the world? Built with explorers in mind, WeeGo compiles real-life tips for a wide range of destinations, giving you a personalised means of finding inspiration and information for your travels. Here’s how to make it work for you.

Plan your destinations

Some like to go with the flow, others get ready for the action by mapping out all the possibilities. Whether you find yourself travelling like a drifter, or love to lead the pack with expert oversight, WeeGo makes it easy to organise your bucket list of adventures, all whilst offering tried-and-tested tips on how to make the most of your time.

Not only are the featured recommendations sourced from experts who are local to each destination, but their insights also include real-life advice from individual travellers who have scoped out the places for themselves, giving you an all-rounded view of what to expect. Destinations have been tagged onto interactive maps, making WeeGo your go-to guru to uncover the best activities and sights to see.

New places just for you

Hidden gems and hotspots worth the hype are what make up WeeGo. Tailored to show you the recommendations that align with your bespoke interests, rest assured that whatever you encounter on your content feed has been exclusively selected to suit you. WeeGo presents an all-new channel to open your eyes and find travel inspiration.

As you search on the app, it works to learn what you like and draws from your passions to lead the way to new locations and activities to explore. Take to the outdoors if you love to hike, or dive into the food scene in a new neighbourhood if you are a gourmand keen to experiment—there is always something never-before-seen and exciting right ahead.

Connect and collaborate

Aside from shortlisting the sites you want to see, WeeGo also allows you to share and talk about your common passions with friends and collaborators. Create a community to connect with your circle by exploring together, or branch out to meet like-minded adventurers and join groups built by other users. Through upvotes and open discussions, WeeGo enables you to sketch out your dream journey right along with your crew.

An interactive map

WeeGo turns guides and recommendations into actionable itineraries—a feat so simple it can be done in a few taps! Your saved pins and bookmarks on the app are all accessible in one organised resource, so you can always refer to it no matter where you are in the world. Each of your pinned spots can also be pegged to the actual location via geolocation mapping, transplanting you straight to right where you want to be through real-time directions.

Travel confidently with WeeGo, and take the first step of your journey by signing up here!


WeeGo is a platform to save, share, and explore your passions. Sidestepping the excess of repeat recommendations and oversaturated discussion forums, WeeGo streamlines your options to curate a personalised collection of ideas and inspiration to share with like-minded communities.