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Five Minutes with: Victor Cheung, tour guide of Hidden Gems Travel

By Localiiz Branded | 23 December 2021

Header image courtesy of Hidden Gems Travel

In collaboration with Mylocals, the Localiiz team sat down with Victor Cheung, host and tour guide of Hidden Gems Travel, for a quick five-minute chat to pick his brains on what travelling locally means in Hong Kong today.

First sparked by his period of volunteering-based travel to Mexico in his undergraduate years, Cheung has long been inspired to seek out the most local means of enjoying what a place has to offer. In his words: “By knowing and reaching the hidden gems, you can proudly say that you have really been to that particular city!”

What can we expect to see from a Hidden Gems Travel tour?

We hope our guests can discover a different side of Hong Kong and the treasures behind the city in the form of our unique history and even our ecology.

What is your sure-fire way to get acquainted with the locals of a place you are visiting?

Listen to their personal stories, because everyone wants to be listened to, as well as respect their culture and history. We try to put ourselves into their shoes.

You offer a diverse set of tours. What made you decide to showcase these activities in particular?

These tours and experiences not only provide a different way for my guests to enjoy Hong Kong, but they also show them a way to find out more about local history and culture, showing the “real” side of the city.

Have you seen a change in people’s attitudes towards travelling locally?

Visitors that join us always mention that they had never thought Hong Kong would have such a rich history. We found this really rewarding, as we were able to provide them with a different perspective from which to observe the city. Even though we do not have any tourists now, some expats who have lived in Hong Kong for years can still refresh their impression of the city by joining our tours, such as learning the history of Hong Kong Island, where expats tend to hang around, and also the history of the New Territories, which is totally different from the city centre in terms of its development and administration.

What do you hope people will take away from the Hidden Gems Travel tours?

I hope people will get to know more about a different side of Hong Kong, rather than just some typical spots like Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour.

Keen to experience the “real side of Hong Kong” and meet other enthusiastic explorers along the way? There are currently up to three private tours and two experiences offered by Victor Cheung and Hidden Gems Travel on the Mylocals platform, covering the realms of history, culture, the outdoors, and martial arts—plus, they even offer a locally brewed craft beer tasting that introduces you to unique Hong Kong tastes!

Now presenting over 100 curated experiences and private tours led by licensed guides and savvy experts, Mylocals is your new way to re-discover the city and explore locally. If Cheung’s journey reminds you of your love for sharing your passions, skills, or hobbies, why not sign up to be a Mylocals host, too? Click here to find out more!

Interview has been edited for length and clarity.


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