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Hong Kong swimmer Siobhán Haughey secures second silver medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

By Shania Siu 30 July 2021

Header image courtesy of Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

23-year-old swimmer Siobhán Bernadette Haughey has won not one, but two Olympic silver medals for Hong Kong, breaking two Asian records and making history in the process. Just two days after her first podium finish, Haughey landed another silver medal with a 52.27 record for the 100-metre freestyle.

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Her first Olympic medal was for the 200-metre freestyle, with a record of 1:53.92. Her contribution marks Hong Kong’s second and third medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and fifth and sixth medals overall, further solidifying the 2020 games as the city’s most successful to date. Now, Hong Kong has a total of two Olympic medals for swimming under its belt—all thanks to Haughey’s immense talent and relentless efforts.

During her post-swim interviews, many were shocked by Haughey’s eloquence in Cantonese, but despite her mixed heritage, Haughey is no stranger to the language. Haughey sat the HKDSEs for Chinese language—just like any other local student—and even passed with flying colours. An alum of local Catholic girls’ school St Paul’s Secondary School, she scored an impressive 27 marks for her best five subjects in the HKDSE examinations, landing her admission to the prestigious University of Michigan in 2016.

Prior to the Tokyo Olympics, Siobhán Haughey has already won over a dozen medals for Hong Kong, winning two silvers at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics and two golds at the 2017 Taipei Universiade (World University Games). The Hong Kong born-and-raised athlete says she is proud to represent Hong Kong and has turned down the invitation to represent Ireland several times. After seeing Hong Kong’s reaction to her performance, it’s been made clear that we’re proud to have her represent us, too.

On that note, as she begins her fight for the 50-metre freestyle later this evening, the city is bound to keep cheering her on. But whether or not she adds another medal to her budding collection, it’s safe to say she’s already written a new page in Hong Kong’s history, and she’s made our city incredibly proud.

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Shania Siu


As someone who grew up speaking three languages at home and another two at school, Shania is an avid language learner with a passion for creative writing, music, film, and television. If she’s not out with her friends and family, you will most likely find her at home doting on her two tortoises, watching the latest K-drama sensation on Netflix, or typing away on a new story.