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Self-service bento box vending machines have arrived in Hong Kong

By Gigi Wong 10 October 2019
Header photo credit: EC Bento

Had enough of waiting in long queues just to collect your takeaway order during the lunchtime rush? Tired of eating lukewarm food once you’re back at the office? Have you ever thought about picking up quality lunchtime meals from a vending machine? That’s right: EC Bento, a revolutionary local company, is pioneering the usage of self-service vending machines that sell steaming hot bento boxes across various districts in Hong Kong.

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Photo credit: EC Bento

Bento box vending machines aren’t exactly a new concept; in fact, Japan has had them for years. But the introduction of such a convenience to a fast-paced and impatient city like Hong Kong seems like a no-brainer (and probably should have happened ages ago, too). The process is simple: place your order via EC Bento’s website and obtain your bento box at the nearest machine from you. No need to worry that the meal will turn cold before you arrive for pick-up, as their intelligent vending machines maintain a temperature of over 60°C to keep your food snuggly warm.

Photo credit: EC Bento

Choices-wise, EC Bento is currently partnering with restaurants like Dim Sum Heritage, Bless, and Trois Café, and meal delivery companies like White Lemon and Black Garlic. The vending machines offer a wide assortment of meals at a reasonable price, including lunch boxes like Steamed Rice with Chicken and Black Fungus ($48) and Korean Spicy Stir-fried Pork Over Rice ($66). Each bento box is made fresh and stocked up every day and the menu is updated on a frequent, rotational basis. Due to popular demand, EC Bento is actively expanding their vending machines to different areas in town, including remote food deserts like Wong Chuk Hang and San Po Kong. Not long now and we reckon bento box vending machines will become the future of fast dining. Lunch al desko, here we come!

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