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VIDEO: Finding Calm Among Hong Kong's Chaos

By Contributed content 24 April 2015
Each day is filled with moments that come and go so quickly it's easy to ignore them. Sometimes we all need a little help to stop and see just how amazing our city is and the beautiful people who share our space. One local student's ability to select those small moments from the hustle and bustle of the crowds shows an awareness that is sure to produce more incredible films. We asked her to share a little bit about her calming film. This is what she told us. With a population of 7 million, Hong Kong is bustling with energy day and night. Everywhere you go, there are people and towering buildings. Sometimes we all need to slow down, and take a breath. Unfortunately for many of us that means getting away from the city. What if we could achieve that while we were still in the city? This is what my video is about. Despite being what I like to call, Real Life Tetris, Hong Kong has a very photographic nature. Inspired by this, I filmed looking for moments that I would capture as photographs. The quiet nature of each shot brought a sense of calmness to the hectic city.   Born in Hong Kong, raised in Tokyo, Aneeza Arshad is a Pakistani designer and photographer pursuing a career in Art Direction in Advertising at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Hong Kong. You can view her work on Behance. She also loves posting photographs of Hong Kong on her Instagram.

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