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The Benefits of Using a Travel Agent in Hong Kong

By Amanda Sheppard 10 March 2019

Header image courtesy of Mantas Hesthaven (via Unsplash)

Booking a holiday can be costly in more ways than one – not only can it set you back some serious cash, but it can also be incredibly time-consuming. When you’re dealing with multi-city journeys or particularly complicated travel plans, travel agents can provide some much-needed assistance. While it might not always work out to be the cheapest option, it does come with several assurances. These are just some of the reasons to consider using a travel agent.

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In Case of Emergency

Whether there’s a volcano plumbing or a storm brewing, weather can wreak havoc on your travel plans. And that’s not to mention the accidents of our own making – you aren’t alone if you’ve missed a midnight flight by confusing the day of departure. Any travel agent worth their weight has a direct contact with airlines and hotels and will be able to help you make last-minute changes and find accommodation when you find yourself in need.

For Logistical Nightmares

Two weeks, 12 cities? That might be a slight embellishment, but stopovers and multi-leg journeys can be complicated puzzles to piece together. Booking portals don’t always show you every option available for flights that involve two or more destinations, but a travel agent can piece together each stage of your journey, work around your schedule, and provide you with a range of options and alternatives, to help you work out your best route possible.

Inside Information

Some of us find ourselves putting in great amounts of research into our holidays and actually spending longer than we’re away piecing it all together. Outsourcing the logistics and research to an external party can do the brunt of the hard work for you, and get all the essentials sorted before you leave. This includes information about local festivals and holidays to help you decide the best time to travel (and blackout dates to avoid), customs and practices to be mindful of, and any visas or travel permits you may need to apply for ahead of time.

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The Perks of the Trade

By forming relationships with hotels, airlines, and tour providers, travel agents can work to get you special perks thrown in. If you’re working with an agent to organise each and every aspect of your holiday, they can work to tailor your experience – from reservations at exclusive restaurants to a day trip at an eco-sanctuary, and more.

When Time is of the Essence

When you need to make a change to your booking, or you have a last-minute trip to put together that needs to be completely finalised in less time than you have available, then passing the buck can be an invaluable opt-out. Travel agents can also hold a booking for you for a finite period of time, allowing you to work your own schedule out before committing to the purchase.

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Amanda Sheppard

Senior editor

Following a brief and bitterly cold stint in Scotland, Amanda returned to Hong Kong—a place she’s called home for over 18 years—to begin her career as a writer. She can often be found getting lost somewhere very familiar, planning her next holiday, and enjoying a cup (or three) of good, strong coffee.