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Shima, Japan: A photo essay

By Julian Leung 11 November 2020

In a rural coastal part of Japan lies Shima, Mie, home to Japan’s most sacred Shinto Shrine—Ise Grand Shrine, also known as Ise Jingu. Accessible through popular destinations such as Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya, it’s a destination to visit if you are looking to experience a more traditional part of Japan.

In addition to historical landmarks, Shima is also known for luxurious resorts and the freshest daily caught seafood, thanks to a curious tradition. For more than two thousand years, female free divers known as the Ama would dive for pearls and shellfish such as abalone, turban shells, and sea urchin. For an experience like no other, enjoy a freshly cooked meal with the Ama divers in Ama huts, where the ladies would gather to eat and rest before their daily excursions.

Explore Shima in black and white and technicolour through the eyes of a visiting photographer, into Shinto shrines and through local neighbourhoods.

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By Rosamond Chung 28 October 2020
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Julian Leung


Julian Leung is a freelance marketer & photographer residing in Hong Kong. He started pursuing photography as a hobby back in 2006, but it didn't become a passion until 2018 when he bought his first film camera. Julian enjoys shooting landscapes, portraits, lifestyle, street, and documentary photography. Follow him on his Website for more of his work.