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Split, Croatia: Best photography spots

By Rosamond Chung 19 November 2020

Being the second-largest city in Croatia, Split's history and culture are beautifully intertwined into the stories behind their beautiful architecture and landscape. When walking through Split, it is hard to not feel like every spot is a photo in the making. Here are the eight best spots to take great pictures on your trip to Split, Croatia. 

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Photo Credit: Adam Wilson (Via Unsplash)

Saint Domnius Cathedral and Bell Tower

Considered one of the best spots to take the perfect photos of Split, Saint Domnius Cathedral is located in the historical area of Diocletian’s Palace. This cathedral is one of the best-preserved ancient Roman buildings and also is the oldest Catholic cathedral that remains in its original structure in the world. The bell tower, in particular, is known for its panoramic views of both Split and the outer islands.

Saint Domnius Cathedral and Bell Tower, Ul. Kraj Svetog Duje 5, 21000, Split, Croatia

Photo Credit: Tom Bradley (Via Unsplash)

Diocletian’s Palace

Once used by emperors to hold gatherings, Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most iconic spots in the city. The columns and arches create one of the best backdrops for selfies, and you can also have the famous bell tower in the background. So take a seat on one of the benches and feel as if you've travelled back to ancient Rome.

Diocletian’s Palace, Dioklecijanova ul. 1, 21000, Split, Croatia



Being on the west side of Split, this 170-metre hill is covered with cypress and pine trees. Marjan is nicknamed the “lungs of the city”, due to it being the only place to find some nice refreshing wind during the hot summer days. Not only can you stroll down the many pathways, you can also consider using the jogging trials. Enjoy one of the best views of Split, on your way up to the viewpoint at the top.

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By Julian Leung 11 November 2020
Photo Credit: Filipa Costa (via Unsplash)

Vestibule in Diocletian’s Palace

This grand old room is the perfect place to visit on a sunny day out. With an open dome above the room, the sunlight plays with this and creates shadows that complement the bright patch of sky. Another thing worth mentioning is that the acoustics in this vestibule is amazing, so go sing a song and enjoy the echoes!

Diocletian’s Palace, Dioklecijanova ul. 1, 21000, Split, Croatia

Photo Credit: Avery Meeker (via Unsplash)

Riva promenade

The newly renovated Riva promenade not only has an amazing view of the boats sailing through the Adriatic Sea, but it is also the perfect spot to watch the sunrise and set. Being one of the busiest areas in the city, this promenade stretches through the old town and is perfect for dining and nightlife. Not only can you enjoy a nice dinner by the sea, you can also walk to the water's edge and pose with the boats and islands behind you.

Photo Credit: Colin Sabin (via Flickr)

Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress is just a short drive away from Split and is best known for being one of the castles in Game of Thrones, but its history is much more interesting. Being the site of multiple battles with Knights, Ottomans, and Mongols, the onsite museum offers many opportunities to learn about the history of this fort.

Klis Fortress, Trg Mejdan 10, 21231, Klis, Croatia

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By Faye Bradley 17 November 2020
Photo Credit: Andrew Buchan (via Unsplash)

Split Old Town

The Old Town of Split refers to the streets and lanes that surround the Diocletian Palace. With cute cafes and little stalls, this is a great place to take some photos of beautiful architecture. Since The Old Town became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014, this is a great area to explore and feel immersed in centuries of history. Some spots to check out would be the Pjaca Square, Fruit Square, and honestly, any of the crannies and alleyways.

Photo Credit: @pho222 (via Flickr)

Sustipan Park

This rather unknown park sits on the cliff above the water next to Marjan. Not only is this park perfect to wander through, you can also view the outer islands and cityscape from the east side of the park. The Classicistic gloriette is definitely a spot to check out, as it is one of the only remaining things from the original layout.

Sustipan Park, Sustipanski put, 21000, Split, Croatia

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