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Localiiz Travel Editor’s Note: Endings & beginnings

By Nicole Hurip 18 December 2020

What have I learned? This is the question that comes to mind when reflecting upon the year of 2020, a.k.a. the year of COVID-19, a.k.a. the year of work-from-home, a.k.a. the year of _______ (fill in the blank). As we were forced to spend more time indoors and inside our head, the yearning to be outside and away from our thoughts grew, until it became an almost tangible presence—a real elephant in the room taking up most of the available space.

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By Manasee Joshi 12 September 2020
By Alisa Chau 17 November 2020

While we might not be seeing a different horizon anytime soon, I like to think that we have been able to broaden our minds’ horizons by voraciously reading about far off places, its exotic inhabitants, and the many extraordinary cultural practices that define and differentiate, out of curiosity or necessity.

Imagine the elephant in your room lumbering about the open fields of Sri Lanka’s Gal Oya National Park, or the sanctuaries of Chiang Mai. The vineyards of India, the Huli wigmen of Papua New Guinea, and the curious Christmas traditions in Japan and Down Under—these stories create a virtual reality for us to indulge in bouts of healthy escapism, in bites of easily digestible culture tidbits.

You may have also been inspired to rediscover familiar locales—local neighbourhoods, overlooked hangout spots, and hidden nature nooks—adventure can be just around the corner, if you know where to look.

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By Nanda Haensel 16 September 2020
By Sana Fong 3 September 2020

As we inch, stumble, or hurtle towards the edge of a year of beginnings, endings, and the neverending in-between, I would like to share with you with some of my favourite Localiiz Travel pieces of 2020. To me, it has been a year of plenty—singular, in hopes of it being only the start of exciting times for Localiiz Travel and many more inspiring stories to be discovered and shared with you all. Happy holidays, and stay curious.

If you have any stories or feedback you would like to share with me, or would just like to say hi, you are more than welcome to reach out via email on [email protected], or through any of our social media channels.

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Nicole Hurip

Travel editorial director

Never content with sitting still, Nicole has turned her passion into a career. Hong Kong is her home, but she’ll always have a soft spot for L.A. and London, where she spent her college years. She loves exploring hidden places, hunting for cool vintage pieces, and talking to interesting people. Her vices include consuming excessive amounts of wine and cheese, a debilitating weakness for sparkly things, and spending too much time on Instagram.