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5 best skincare products on MindBeauty worth trying this autumn

By Sponsored content 16 October 2019
What’s better than looking and feeling great from the comfort of your own home? All-in-one beauty and wellness booking app MindBeauty is here to supply all your pampering needs with their online beauty store, so you can look as fabulous as you feel at the click of a button. Stocking everything from cutesy Korean daily essentials to luxury French skincare lines, you’ll no doubt find everything you need (and more), so you can shop from your sofa and get it delivered straight to your doorstep. Here are MindBeauty’s top best selling products to start you off on your search.

USPA Pure C Complex Serum

Pure C Complex Serum

So many skincare products in Asia focus on whitening, but it’s really brightening the skin that makes you look youthful and glowy. Incorporate a potent Vitamin C serum like the Pure C Complex Serum ($800)from USPA into your daily routine to combat environmental damage and signs of ageing. With frequent use, discolouration and the appearance of fine lines are minimised, and your complexion is brighter and more even-toned.

Ciencia collagen8


Collagen is a major component of anti-ageing skincare, and is available for both external use and oral consumption. If you haven’t yet gotten into collagen products, it’s never too late to start. Peptides particles in Ciencia’s Collagen8 ($1,902) reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier, which is important in keeping it dewy and taut. This, in turn, counteracts signs of ageing, imparting a youthful lustre. If you’re suffering from dry skin that is red or peeling, this would also help alleviate the discomfort.

GLOHS Facial Serum Hydrate and Refine


Facial Serum Hydrate and Refine

GLOHS is a natural and organic skincare line founded in Hong Kong, so if you’re looking for clean beauty products or to support local small businesses, this is a great brand to check out. This serum is made with galactomyces ferment filtrate which, in plain English, is a by-product of sake fermentation. Facial Serum Hydrate and Refine ($880) injects the skin with a healthy dose of moisture and reduces pore size by helping to unclog them. You’ll find your skin texture refined and skin tone more balanced. 

Gienne Tsui black sugar facial scrub

Black Sugar Facial Scrub

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the most expensive products on top of old skin cells; you need to clear away the old layer and encourage skin regeneration to achieve that baby soft texture. Remove excess sebum and reduce dullness with the Black Sugar Facial Scrub ($498) from Gienne Tsui. Aside from brightening your complexion, it can also improve the skin’s healing process. The natural sugar exfoliant means it’s suitable for even dry or sensitive skin types.

Lu Ming Tang Miraculous Detox Paste

Miraculous Detox Paste

Living in the city means your skin inevitably get subjected to a lot of pollutants every day. Buff away impurities and micro-residue with this Miraculous Detox Paste ($285) so your skin can breathe again. Formulated with a nutritious blend of jujube, sesame seed, and black rice that honestly sounds good enough to eat, the bioactives stimulate circulation and boost your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. Instead of being veiled in dullness, your skin can look energised and radiant again.   MindBeauty MindBeauty is offering Localiiz readers an exclusive discount on their online beauty store. Enter the code LOCALIIZ-VIP20 at checkout for 20% off ALL products, or use LOCALIIZ-VIP50 to get half price off your second bottle of Ciencia Collagen8!

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