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What are smart curtains and just how smart are they?

By Sponsored content 21 January 2020

We have done previous round-ups on smart home technology as home automation trends continue to be on the rise. Though we are still far from the world of The Terminator (we hope), you’ve got to admit that this smart tech does make our lives much easier. If the thought of automating your whole house is a bit uncomfortable for you, why not start with something simple—like curtains?

somfy curtain room

You’d be surprised at how much curtains matter in the house! Aside from keeping the peeping Toms out (especially in a crowded place like Hong Kong, where flats are stacked window to window), they play an important role in decor by creating ambience and pulling the room together, kind of like rugs. So how do smart curtains come into play?

Well, it’s not a complicated concept: smart curtains are regular curtains, except fitted with smart sun sensors and remote access within apps that control the curtains' placement depending on need and people’s movements. All in all, they’re pretty smart and intuitive devices.

As every home is unique, different options are required to suit different interiors. There is the standard motorisation option that allows curtains to move seamlessly and silently, then there is the wireless motorisation option where the motor is battery powered, perfect especially for hard-reaching areas within the home.

Glydea Ultra is a premium solution for residential Hong Kong properties, as its best-selling feature is its acoustic performance. What that means is that this innovation provides one of the quietest motorisation solutions in the market at less than 38 decibels. According to a noise level chart, that’s only a tiny bit louder than a whisper! Just imagine the magical silence...

Following a different tack, Irismo WireFree is a battery-operated wireless curtain motor—away with the extra wiring and cables! It offers an easy plug-and-play curtain solution for your retrofit project. It also easily integrates with third-party systems if you are looking to take your home automation to the next level.

Aside from curtains, different types of blinds are also available, with a wide range of torques and speeds to motorise all indoor applications. You can choose from roller blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, pleated and cellular blinds, and projection screens, too. Models like the battery-operated Sonesse 30 WF is the perfect way to convert your manual blinds to motorised blind without changing anything about your current set-up or damaging your existing decor. It’s also ideal for areas where wiring could prove to be a challenge.

Roller somfy hong kong

All right, you’re convinced. Smart curtains are the baby steps to starting your smart home journey. Where do you go to get yourself fitted out?

This is where Somfy steps in. With more than 50 years of experience in the business, Somfy is the leading global manufacturer of motorised curtain solutions for homes and buildings. Stocking everything from roller shutters, curtains and blinds, as well as gates and garage doors, their pioneering smart curtain motorisation range is designed to enhance your lifestyle, well-being, security, and your home’s energy efficiency whilst seamlessly blending into your existing interior design scheme.

What options are available with Somfy? Mains-powered standard motorisation is generally recommended for curtains, large blinds, and home cinema screens. Another option is the wireless motorisation, which is battery-operated and perfect for existing homes because no hard-wiring or electrical installation is required.

At the backbone of all that Somfy does, their designs are infused with timeless French design, quality, and style, enabling you to control natural light levels and room temperatures, so you have total control over creating different moods in different parts of the house. Needless to say, Somfy curtains also protect your privacy or define areas to optimise space. Smart solutions like these that let you remote control your curtain movements are optimal and suitable for all areas in your home, particularly hard-to-reach windows, high-ceiling windows, and deep-sill windows.

Connexoon app somfy smart curtain

Somfy curtains also come with their own remote control to add even more style to your decor. With just a simple click, your curtains will open and close with an elegantly smooth and—most importantly—silent motion. Taking your existing interiors into consideration, you can choose from multiple elegant colours, such as rose gold and silver, to find the best colour match for your home.

If using a remote control feels a little clunky (and heaven forbid if you misplace it somewhere), another way to control your blinds and curtains is to download and use Connexoon Window RTS, an intuitive mobile app that controls all of your Somfy-powered motorised solutions from one convenient place—the smartphone that’s glued to your palm! There's nothing better than waking up to natural sunlight when you can program your shades to open at your desired hour and minute daily, or using your voice to command your shades to open into the perfect position for certain lighting set up for your selfies and photos!


To choose Somfy is to choose the highest levels of quality. Every product comes with a five-year warranty and complies with international certifications and safety standards. With an experienced and professional team always on hand to provide advice, your choices are well-guided. Learn more about Somfy here.

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