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How To: Care for Your Hair in Summer

By Contributed content 4 July 2016
The high levels of humidity during a Hong Kong summer can be a nightmare for your hair with dryness, frizz, and volume all threatening to ruin your good hair day. So to help you keep your tresses healthy and tame this season, we get some expert advice from celebrity stylist David Malo from Sozo Hair Design in Central.
We all love to get outside in the sun during the summer time, but the hot weather can wreak havoc on your hair if you don't take the right precautions to keep it nurtured and protected. So here are some super simple tips to help you keep your hair beautiful and healthy all summer long:

1. Hydrate

Use good hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Keratin in a shampoo can help with the manageability of frizzy hair, but do not confuse it with 'dry hair' shampoo.  If you have coarse, heavier hair then you can replace your conditioner for a mask which will help lock in all the hydrating components your hair needs to prevent it from becoming dry during the hotter months. Australian brand KEVIN.MURPHY's hydrate series offers the perfect products to not only maintain hydration over the hottest months, but also encourage healthy hair with suppleness and bounce when you need it most.

2. Cut

Make sure you trim your hair regularly (at least every 6 to 8 weeks) even if it's the tiniest amount. This will prevent your hair from splitting which makes it become frizzy.

3. Brush

Brush your hair from roots to ends using a paddle brush or a dressing brush as this can encourage natural oils to come through. There is no rule on the amount of time you "should" brush your hair, but a couple of times a week is a good guideline. If your hair is super curly this is something you should do before you wash your hair.

4. Protect

Always use heat protecting products before you blow dry or use any heat styling tools on your hair. Constant use of heat tools on your hair without heat protection can lead to extreme dryness and eventually breakage. Japanese brands are becoming more and more popular in western countries, for example, Deesse's Elujuda Oils are a great recommendation. Made from extracts from the baobab tree, these oils coat and protect the hair, giving it incredible shine and finish. There are two strengths - the gold FO oil is for finer hair types, and the pink MO oil is for courser hair types. Also, don't forget to use sunscreen products if you can, otherwise finishing products like serums are also good at protecting it during the hotter months.

5. Tie

Tying or wearing your hair up in the summertime is a good idea, as it gives it less exposure to the elements which can lead to damage. It also gives you variations on how you wear you hair. Find out more about Sozo Hair Design on their website.
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