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SODASODA – Your Soda Maker!

By Promotions 13 November 2017
Enjoy your sparkling water in a healthy way – No Sodium, No Additives!   Invest in one of these handy Soda Maker this festive season!
Learn more about the benefits of sparkling water and create your flavored sparkling drinks with natural syrup, fresh juice .....  More fun!
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When Carbon Dioxide (food grade) is infused into water, it turns the water into sparkling water. BRAVO and JAZZ soda makers are the ideal way to make your own personal sparkling water at home! [su_box title="Benefits of Sparkling Water" box_color="#fab754" title_color="#000000" radius="2"]Health and Wellbeing Sparkling water can relieve muscle pain after exercising, boosts the alcohol metabolism rate and can aid in settling heartburn. Skincare and Fitness Sparkling water can decrease your food consumption by inducing a sense of fullness, it cleanses and hydrates along with your cosmetics and arouses you to drink more water. Cooking Sparkling water enhances the cleaning of fruits, vegetables and meats, bringing out the freshness of various foods and can also make soup more tasty![/su_box] Why not try it out for yourself! Buy a BRAVO Soda Maker or JAZZ Soda Maker with CO2 cylinder today!

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