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Shrewsbury International School Presents: Creating Bookworms in the Digital Age

By Sponsored content 23 January 2018
Drawing upon 450 years of British educational heritage, Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong offers a unique learning experience for children aged 3 to 11. Offering ‘Primary education without compromise’, one of its central aims is to develop a love of reading among its students and young learners. The school values reading and literacy skills among the foundational building blocks of education, highlighting its ability to build confidence and independence in young children.

Opportunities for Budding Bookworms

Shrewsbury International School places a strong emphasis on the importance of reading in its Early Years classes. The library is conveniently located on the same floor as the Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms, and its purpose-built, colour zoned library is easily navigable for independent young learners, while its recent delivery of more than 5,000 books has further helped children uncover the joy of reading. The school recently hosted internationally recognised children’s author Sarah Brennan, who is credited with penning the Chinese Calendar Tales picture book series. Brennan spoke to both students and parents on how to foster reading environments, choosing the right books for your children, and how to become a bookworm in an increasingly digital age. Shrewsbury’s new, state-of-the-art library plays a fundamental role in supporting the school’s literacy programmes, which play a key role in the education curriculum from the Early Years onwards. The librarian and full-time assistant’s desks are located next to the entrance, ready to assist students and parents and impart their extensive knowledge on the school’s literary capabilities.

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