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The Best Bubble Tea Gifts for Your Boba-Obsessed Friends

By Jen Paolini 24 June 2019
Header photo credit: FLOAT

We all have that friend—the one who stays hydrated on an exclusive diet of bubble tea, the one who begs you to queue up with them during their frequent stops at boba shops, the one who’ll only meet up at your neighbourhood milk tea joint. If you’ve been scratching your head over what could possibly enrichen their lives more than a lifetime bubble tea subscription, feast your eyes on these boba-themed lifestyle items. Careful—you might end up wanting some of these gifts for yourself…

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Photo credit: Reusable BBT Cup

Zero waste bubble tea cup

When bubble tea makes up the largest part of one’s daily liquid intake, you start becoming intimately familiar with just how much waste this industry generates. No fear—the zero waste option is here. Encourage your friends to ditch single-use plastic with this reusable bubble tea cup! Reusable BBT Cup’s zero waste kit comes with a stainless steel straw wide enough for sipping tapioca pearls and a screw-top lid that fits on standard-sized mason jars. Simply assemble the lid and your choice of glass container and you’re good to go. A bristled straw cleaner is included as well, so you can give the whole thing a good clean before you make your next boba stop. For a more stylish option, check out FLOAT, a beautifully-designed reusable bubble tea cup that will soon begin production. Imagined by two industrial designers from Taipei, this concept is made with recycled, environmentally-friendly glass and BPA-free copolyester. Follow FLOAT’s journey here for more information on its release.

Photo credit: HM Care Store

Vegan bubble tea soap

Handmade bubble tea soaps won’t just leave your boba-loving friend smelling like a peach, but they also pull double duty as beautiful bathroom décor—that’s a win-win in our books. Scented with caramel pudding fragrance oil, these Instagram-worthy moisturising bars from HM Care Store are also vegan-friendly. Another plant-based and homemade option is BubizBubbles, who do a nourishing mango and coconut-scented version. Monzalvo Soapery puts together a particularly glamorous contender with glitter and pink foam on top that smells of fresh berries and musk.

Photo credit: Smoko

Bubble tea night lamp

Banish any dark thoughts you may have of curbing your bubble tea addiction with the Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light. This table-top lamp is petite enough to fit into the palm of your hand, making it a practical handheld option the next time you need a guiding light on your nightly trips to the bathroom. Need something with more illuminating power? An XXL version will be released soon. Dream a little dream of bubble tea…

Photo credit: Lumishkabibble

Bubble tea stress plushie

If you’re feeling stressed just thinking about when you will get round to your next dose of bubble tea, hug out your anxieties with kawaii bubble tea plushies. Handmade with fleece and soft mink fabrics, these squishable toys make the ideal cuddle companion for the boba fan in your life. Get a matching pair for yourself and your BFF, or pick up the whole collection available in all colours of the rainbow.

Photo credit: SINGDADFF

Bubble tea watch

What time is it? Boba time! Add a playful touch to your wardrobe with this adorable timepiece that will keep you on schedule for your next bubble tea date. Featuring silver-tone watch hands and hour markers atop a pastel-coloured, patterned dial, this conversation starter doubles as the perfect low-maintenance gift.

Photo credit: Bananas Store

Silicone bubble tea phone case

Do you even love boba if you’re not constantly talking about how much you love boba? Well, now you can let your boba flag fly even more with this silicone phone case. What better way to show off your love for the one and only drink than by snapping pics of it with a bubble tea-themed phone?

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Jen Paolini

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