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Re-Inventing Personal Training with BoomFit

By Promotions 16 October 2017
BoomFit is Hong Kong's first on-demand fitness service and it's making getting fit just a whole lot easier! Expect to experience top trainers, inspiring classes, and personalised support. That means less frustration, better results, and more time for everything else. Their 60-minute sessions will push you to gain muscle, lose weight, improve core strength and aesthetics or add resistance.
Localiiz's Vanessa Heldner experiences a traditional BoomFit workout session with personal trainer Toby Yu in the middle of the Happy Valley race courses. Find out what it's like to get fit anytime, anywhere!

How Does it Work?

Schedule your free trial and enjoy a 45 minute session free of charge! The BoomFit trainers will assess your fitness and propose a package based on your goals and expectations. Once you are more familiar with the process and have confirmed the package which is best suited to you, schedule your training sessions anytime and at any location of your choice. Text +852 5577 7348 or email [email protected] to speak with a consultant.

The BoomFit Experience

To my pleasant surprise, I was not provided with a set location for my BoomFit trial... I was given a choice! Being someone that loves to spend time in the outdoors, I naturally racked my brain for public outdoor spaces when I was given the option to decide where my personal training session would take place, finally coming to the decision of the Happy Valley sports grounds. The Happy Valley sports pitches have an array of large open spaces consisting of both grass and rubber running-track flooring, not to mention the added benefit that you're surrounded by a wonderful view of the towering 360 degree skyline of Hong Kong's glistening skyscrapers. I met my trainer outside the Happy Valley sports grounds mid-afternoon and we started off with a quick introductory consultation where Toby took me through the various exercises and drills we would be going through. The workout consisted of three super-sets leading up to a HIIT finishing. After the initial warm-up, we got started on my first round which consisted of 3 sets of lunges, T-stabilisations and leg raises. The second drill upped the ante, including super-sets of bodyweight squats, hand-walks, mountain climbers and a one minute plank. Finally, I clawed my way through the heat and pain only to find out that I still had the finisher to complete.  The 10 minute finisher consisted of non-stop burpees and on-the-spot shuffling broken up by 30 second breaks. Make no mistake, the term "finisher" was more than appropriate as this last drill was definitely a struggle at this point! Nevertheless, I survived the training and left the pitches dripping sweat and feeling accomplished... just how it should be!

The Verdict

All in all I loved being able to break free from the typical standardisation of a gym work-out session. The flexibility of location choice adds to the motivation and atmosphere of the training and definitely give workout out that touch of extra excitement. Although pouring sweat under the blistering sun was tough at certain points, it was great to be out in the nature rather than surrounded by iron and steel for a change. It was also the first time I had done a PT session using strictly only my bodyweight, a challenging and fun experience! On another plus note, a nice bronze tan was accomplished too, to accompany the muscle pain!

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