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Quick and Easy Ways to Makeover Your Living Room this Summer

By Contributed content 11 March 2019

A summer makeover is a great way to upgrade your living space, using light, breathable fabrics to fill your rooms with bright colours while adding a touch of beach-inspired décor. It’s always fun giving your living room a much-needed summer uplift, and better still to invest in a quality, durable mattress you’ll benefit from year-round, with comfort that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Lifestyle writer and Nectarsleep connector Lissa Sickels shares some quick and easy living room makeover ideas for the summer season.

armchair - home decoration tips hong kong summer

Consider Breezy Furniture Slipcovers

A little colour goes a long way. Why not try brightening up your living room this summer? To lighten things up, consider transforming your furniture, most importantly, the larger pieces like sofas and chairs. You can also consider adding a bright table cloth over a dark table to brighten up your living space.

indoor plants - home decoration tips hong kong summer

Bring Plant Life to the Living Room

The outdoors looks great in summer, with the warmer weather breathing life into outdoor plants. You can transfer the concept to your living room by bringing your plants indoors. Consider light flowers with an airy feel on the leaves and the fronds, complemented with colourful plant pots to brighten the living room, to decorate your living room.

outdoor furniture - home decoration tips hong kong summer

Bring Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Nothing gives your living room a breath of fresh air better than a wicker rocker or a low-profile table. This unexpected change will bring more summer fun indoors, giving the living room a casual, relaxed feel.

mirror - home decoration tips hong kong summer

Consider Reflective Surfaces to Make the Living Room Feel Spacious

Summer brings with it additional natural light and to celebrate the season, you can add some reflective surfaces into your living room. This can be a mirrored coffee table, metallic objects, shimmering furniture or even a shining piece of wall art to bounce light around the living space.

cushion covers - home decoration tips hong kong summer

Bright Summery Colours

How about repainting the walls a vibrant colour? It doesn’t have to be a dramatic or permanent change, as you can always apply wallpaper. Alternatively, you can add a couple of colourful throw pillows. This requires little storage, and is not a permanent change.

swag lighting - home decoration tips hong kong summer

Add Some Summer Swag

Do you need a little extra light in one of the dark corners in your living room? A plug-in Swag light is a non-committal way of adding some extra illumination, giving your living room a stylish summer look. The summer lights look great in your reading corner and can be used to define the dining area in a smaller house. If you are looking for a way of brightening your living room this summer, a swag light is a quick and easy way to brighten your living space.

scented candle - home decoration tips hong kong summer

The Addition of Summer Scents

Summer decor for your living room doesn’t have to be just about visuals. Adding tropical and citrusy scents will set the summer mood in your home. However, you need to ensure that you are investing in the right mix of scents suitable for your home. Ensure that candle holders and diffusers have a customised look. For the living room, consider only one or two scents.

ceiling fan - home decoration tips hong kong summer

Think of Adding Extra Ventilation in Your Small Living Room

It is important you consider makeover ideas that help you deal with the excess humidity, especially in the summer months. For a small spaced living room, things can get worse. Therefore, consider adding some extra ventilation to increase the flow of air.

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