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Picodi's Guide to Saving On Your Daily Essentials

By Promotions 26 July 2017
Saving on your daily essentials is possible! Shopping online has already become the most popular way of obtaining different types of products across the world. But what if we told you there's a platform where you can shop and save money at the same time? Picodi has the best of Hong Kong's promotions, coupon codes, and discounts on offer - it's on the bright side of the Internet force. They are giving you something that they truly believe should be accessible to all Internet users around the world - the ability to shop online for less. What we as consumers understand by “high quality” and “best price” is up to our own interpretation. What is universal, however, is the fact that a good shop is one that offers its customers the ability to lower the cost of shopping. Read on to learn about how shopping with Picodi can help you do this.
Saving in this DNAge can mean different things for different people. Some decide to stay away from the luxury brands which take up a large portion of their earnings. Others prefer to save 10% every month and keep it for a rainy day. While there are different ways in which we can actually make a difference in our lives, we should not compromise on quality when it comes to shopping for essentials. It seems like we can save and get all the good stuff at the same time. How?


Back in the day, when you wanted a better deal, you had to compare the prices in different stores yourself. It took a lot of time and effort and as a result, you ended up buying the same products for a higher price. It doesn’t have to be like this with shopping on the Internet because all of your daily essentials can be checked out online. You can see your favorite grocery stores on the Internet and compare prices of the same products then and there. The added benefit is that you don’t need to worry about leaving your work earlier just to do your regular shopping. With this approach, even if you shop for groceries in person, you know exactly where to go. [caption id="attachment_97253" align="alignleft" width="300"] image source:[/caption]

Have it delivered

Very often all you need to change are your shopping habits. Having a well-designed plan can save you plenty of money if you decide to spend just a bit of time. Many stores offer free delivery on orders above designated amount spent at their outlet. With careful planning, you can ensure you shop for less and get free shipping at the same time. In such a case, you can even get a better deal if the products you usually place in your online cart are seemingly more expensive. Read the terms and conditions in different stores and see what they offer.

Free gifts

You probably wouldn’t buy perishable products in bulk to avoid spoiling and losing money for no reason, but you can definitely apply the ‘bulk buy’ rule to all domestic products. This includes things you use for cleaning or cooking that does not involve fresh food. Washing powders, washing up liquids, table cloths, and sponges are just a few examples which are often offered in ‘3-for-2’ deal or similar. Take advantage of them and fill your bathroom cabinets with all the things you would have bought anyway but you can now do it cheaper.

Avoid frozen food

Frozen food can be tricky because in order for it to remain fresh, it needs to be kept at a low temperature all the time. Unfortunately, not all stores adhere to this rule. If you can, avoid ordering frozen meats, vegetables, and fruit online from the stores in which you don’t know what the health and safety standards are. You may not be able to return the packet and you’ll end up throwing it all away. [caption id="attachment_97256" align="alignleft" width="600"] image source:[/caption]

Discounts, discounts, discounts

Even with the simplest things that you use every day, you can find amazing discounts online to save a lot of money. The trick here is to know where to look. Coupon code platforms are full of promotions to all the major stores, all under one roof to make your job much easier. With some of them, you don’t even need to log in! Picodi, for example, offers you different types of coupons because the shoppers differ from each other. This way, everyone can find something for themselves. The above rules will help you plan your budget and make more informed decisions on a daily basis. With just a bit of time, you can drastically improve your financial situation not a year from now, but today.

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