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Recycle your natural Christmas trees for free this week!

By Ching Yuen 2 January 2020

This year, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) will be enlisting help from a contractor and launching the Natural Christmas Trees Recycling Programme to help recycle natural Christmas trees throughout Hong Kong for free. The trees collected will be recycled to various useful materials in order to promote recycling of yard waste in the community and reduce yard waste disposal at landfills. If you bought a natural Christmas tree this past holiday and you’re wondering what to do with it now that Christmas is over, now you know!

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Between 3–6 January 2020, you can deliver your natural Christmas trees to the central collection point (CCP) at EcoPark in Tuen Mun or district collection points within the select collection times for free recycling services. Commercial and industrial organisations can only deliver their natural Christmas trees direct to the CCP.

If anyone or any organisations still have a need to recycle their natural Christmas trees from 7–18 January 2020, they can make an appointment with the EPD’s contractor at (+852) 9706 6549 prior to the delivery of the natural Christmas trees to the CCP.

To commemorate the effort you put into helping to the environment, an e-certificate will be issued to the participants who deliver their trees to the CCP or the Community Green Stations (CGS) for recycling so as to recognise their support to environmental conservation. They will also receive a gift for delivering the trees to the CGS (while stock lasts).

Beside the Central Collection Point at EcoPark in 133 Lung Mun Road, Tuen Mun, here are the rest of the collection points and times:

Please note that the district collection points will neither receive trees taller than two metres nor from any organisations. Do make sure that you remove the bottom stands, all lightings, decorations, and tapes to make collection and recycling easier for everyone! Click here for more information on the Natural Christmas Trees Recycling Programme.

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