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What we’re watching on Netflix Hong Kong this September 2023

By Lily Valette 7 September 2023

Header image courtesy of Netflix

It’s official—the summer break is over. No more holidays abroad, lazy weekdays at the beach, or kids running around the house. Luckily for us, Netflix has worked hard to help us forget all about the back-to-work blues. From interactive rom-coms to a long-awaited series finale and thrilling new movies, here’s what we’re watching on Netflix this September 2023.

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Choose Love

Do you ever want to simply sit down and relax while the protagonists of a wholesome love story slowly make their way towards their happily-ever-after? Rom-coms are predictable; we know how they are going to end just by looking at the poster, and that’s the point, right? Well, not if Netflix has something to say about it. In Choose Love, you make the protagonist’s decisions for her with the help of your remote, influencing which of her love interests she ends up with, leading to one of the six possible endings!

Sex Education (Season 4)

It’s time for one last ride following Otis Milburn and his awkward high school years. In this fourth and final season, the Moordale students put their school bags down at a new school, Cavendish Sixth Form College. There, a quirkier-than-ever Otis attempts to reopen his clinic, only to discover this campus already has a sex therapist. This last season promises some WTF moments and tying-up of loose ends as we say goodbye to all our favourite characters. Available 21 September.

Spy Kids: Armagedon

For a thrilling good time, look out for the reboot of Spy Kids! The newest instalment of the family-friendly spy comedy is coming to Netflix at the end of the month. Directed once again by Robert Rodriguez, the two children of spies Nora and Terrence (Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi) have to save the world after unleashing a computer virus. Available 22 September.

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By Corrine Cheung 5 September 2023


In this is five-episode nature documentary narrated by Tom Hardy, we follow a variety of predator species and how they navigate their environment. Cheetahs, polar bears, lions, pumas, and wild dogs—how did they become so powerful within their own ecosystems? This docuseries is your chance to get intimate with beasts of prey from the safety of your couch.

Selling the OC (Season 2)

When the workweek has left you drained, reality TV is often the best way to unwind. Netflix knows this and has announced that a new real-estate line-up is coming to your screens for a drama-filled second season of Selling the OC! Look, it’s a guilty pleasure we all like to indulge in, so get ready to binge. Available 8 September.

Michelle Wolf: It’s Great to Be Here

Comedian Michelle Wolf, known for contributing to America’s daily and late-night shows, is good at tackling our society’s issues in her stand-up performances (and one controversial White House dinner). After The Break with Michelle Wolf and Joke Show, both also available on the streaming platform, her new show, It’s Great to Be Here, will leave you laughing hard and thinking fast. Available 12 September.

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We don’t learn much about Nowhere by watching the trailer, but there’s just enough to trigger a little claustrophobia. Trapped inside a shipping container, pregnant Mia has escaped a totalitarian system only to find herself lost at sea. This survival movie is not for the faint-hearted—expect storms, screams, and childbirth. Available 29 September.

Spy Ops

This documentary series will tickle the interest of anyone who has ever wondered what goes on behind CIA and MI6’s closed doors—a.k.a. everyone. (A lifetime of spy movie franchises will do that to you.) We’re told we will learn about spy missions, Cold War stories, and intelligence’s biggest secrets in Spy Ops, and while all that remains to be seen, we will happily binge-watch all eight episodes while wondering who the next James Bond will be (and learn a historical fact or two along the way). Available 8 September.

The Black Book

The Black Book is Netflix’s upcoming thriller. A military-trained deacon fights corrupt police after his son is framed and killed. Filmmaker Editi Effiòng tackles family, politics, vendettas, and Nigerian heritage in this action-packed production. Available 22 September.

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Revamping the eponymous 1999 movie, this new Thai series is about a jobless woman whose life changes forever when a box full of cash is delivered to her door. Soon enough, the owners of the box end up dead in her apartment as the main character spirals into violence and depression. It was released on 6 September. Get it?

Friday Night Plan

Friday Night Plan looks like a classic coming-of-age movie and that’s the point. Loosely inspired by Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Project X, the plot follows two uncool brothers as they get invited to the party of the year. Set in India, this comedy starring Babil Khan has it all, from bickering partner-in-crime main characters, relatable high schoolers, and a feel-good experience that is perfect for a chill night at home.

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Lily Valette


Born and raised in the French countryside, Lily arrived in Hong Kong looking for an adventure. Passionate about books, she spent some time in Parisian publishing houses and is the author of an illustrated book about hair. Life in Hong Kong for her entails looking for seaside places to eat and a lot of hiking.