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Need For Speed? Design Your Own Hong Kong Street Racing Circuit at Sideways!

By Localiiz 2 May 2014
May 2nd 2014 Ready, Set, Go! Sideways Driving Club is giving you the chance to turn the streets of Hong Kong into your very own Grand Theft Auto racing locale! But…not literally. The kings of racing simulators have launched the Hong Kong Street Circuit Competition, inviting racing fans to design their own digital route, with the winning entry turned into virtual reality on the Sideways software. So open up Google maps, YP Map or any online map service of your choice, and draw in the Hong Kong track of your dreams. The pressure is on, as the entries will be judged by professional race drivers Darryl O’Young, Matthew Marsh, Matt Solomon, Pete Olson, Adderly Fong and Pekka Saarinen!

Submit your entry to [email protected] by 5pm on June 23rd to put yourself in the running for some great prizes. The competition is open to anyone in the world, so even if you’re not a Hong Kong resident, Sideways will fly you here to drive your course against the judges. But don’t be intimidated; after all, you’re sure to know every corner!

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