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Rugby 7s Uncovered 2014 - Just For Fun Costume Competition - Most Topical Costume

By Localiiz 3 April 2014
April 3rd 2014 There’s always some people at the Sevens who dress up as the flavor of the day.... Here are the contenders for Most Topical Costume!
The Avengers! Instagram User: jeremychan
The Popes That Mope! Instagram User: derekzai
Despicable Minions! Instagram User: tse_christy
The Wolves of Wall Street! Photo Credit: Linds Russell 
ApeFit! Photo Credit: Linds Russell
The Wolves of Wall Street are the winners! 

Check out the winners of the Sexiest Costume - Female, Sexiest Costume - Male and Best Homemade Costume categories!

Stay tuned for the nominees for the upcoming categories: *Most Imaginative Costume *Lamest Attempt Costume *The 'What the hell are you supposed to be?' Costume *Too Much Information (TMI) Costume *Least Convincing Cross Dressing Costume

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