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Make eco-friendly changes with WM Project sports series masks!

By Localiiz Branded | 21 October 2022

Header image courtesy of WM Project

Since 2020, we have been bearing witness to a new polluter—face masks. While they protect us against infectious diseases such as Covid-19, the environment suffers when we dispose of them. In a bid to protect the environment, WM Project has the perfect sustainable solution to combat issues of mask waste and pollution. Sustainable and reusable, the masks that WM Project produces sport stylish designs that you can pair with any outfit of choice!

WM Project’s Natural Breathable Sports series

The Natural Breathable Sports series has all of the benefits of other WM Project masks, and more! Not only are the face masks made with Polygiene ViralOff technology, but they are also designed for workouts. With the use of ViralOff technology, WM Project’s masks offer the same level of protection as regular three-ply disposable masks with just a single layer of material, drastically cutting down on the amount of fabric used in mask production.

Apart from its anti-bacterial and anti-viral functions, the materials used for WM Project’s face masks are chosen for their breathable qualities, which are ideal for sports- and activity-oriented masks. Sporting a wire-free design paired with an adjustment ring, the Natural Breathable Sports series delivers on its one-size-fits-all promise and the company’s commitment to offering maximum comfort for sports enthusiasts.

WM Project’s Natural Breathable Sports series is truly a multi-faceted product. Even if you’re not an active person, masks from this series can still be a stylish addition to your everyday wardrobe. Resistant against droplets, pollen, and odour, and with 18 colours to choose from, the Natural Breathable Sports series masks can be worn all year round for every occasion.

WM Project masks

The reusable masks from WM Project come in four types: V-shaped, natural, leisure, and child-size. While the V-shaped masks sport a 3D design that offers a face-slimming effect, the natural and leisure masks come in relaxed forms suitable for wearing on most face shapes. All WM Project masks come with adjustable straps, which guarantee comfort and the perfect fit by allowing the wearer to alter how and where the mask sits on the face.

WM Project’s Polygiene ViralOff technology

All masks from WM Project incorporate Polygiene ViralOff textile treatment technology produced in the European Union. Containing an active biocide, silver chloride, ViralOff is applied to the fabric at the last stage of its production without wasting any additional water or energy. Not only is Polygiene ViralOff safe to use close to the skin, but materials treated by the chemical compound are proven to reduce the presence of certain viruses by over 99 percent. It means all WM Project masks follow the international standard, ISO18184:2019, which tests specifically for the viral strains H3N2, H1N1, and SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

Value in waste

WM Project follows a sustainable approach when it comes to producing its masks. While being aware that the clothing industry produces large amounts of fabric waste, WM Project acknowledges the unavoidable factor in this aspect of garment production. Instead, in an attempt to redesign the traditional operations of a supply chain, WM Projects uses waste as a sustainable solution, recycling waste fabrics into fibres that can be made anew once again!

How WM Project tackles mask wastes

According to a report by OceanAsia, “more than 1.5 billion masks have entered the ocean in 2020,” all of which will take around 450 years to break down into microplastics and continue to pose a threat to marine and human life. As the importance and effectiveness of the face mask has been proven in combatting pandemics like Covid-19 and others before it, we cannot deny the impact that disposable face masks have on the health of our planet.

WM Project’s masks are the perfect solution in the battle against waste. Striving to be as socially responsible as possible in its design, production, and fulfilment processes, the apparel company encourages all to swap out their disposable masks for reusable masks.

Photo: WM Project

Product care for the Natural Breathable Sports series

One common concern we all have regarding reusable masks is the cleanliness factor. With the Natural Breathable Sports series by WM Project, mask care could not be easier: simply clean them using water at below 40 degrees Celsius with a diluted hand wash solution.

The recommended use period for WM Project's masks is a month, but users can wash their masks daily. Be sure to stick to this care schedule, as over-washing can reduce the mask’s protective abilities against microbes. Its anti-odour property and ViralOff technology will also keep your mask fresh and effective against common bacteria and viruses between washes.

You can find WM Project’s masks at various locations across Hong Kong. Stay fit and healthy while keeping the environment in mind with its Natural Breathable Sports Series!

WM Project

WM Project is a mission-driven sustainable apparel company. Its products offer the public an easy and affordable way to become part of the solution to issues of waste and pollution in the fashion industry. Focused on being as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as possible, WM Project strives to incorporate these two virtues in all aspects of the business, from design and manufacturing to fulfilment.

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