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5 supplements to add to your daily routine & diet

By Streamline Sports Sponsored | 9 March 2021

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Having braved one of the worst pandemics in human history for about a year now, many of us have consciously worked to adopt some health-driven improvements to our lifestyles. Even when taking extra precautionary measures to protect our bodies, there is great importance in maintaining—as well as further strengthening—our baseline health.

Dietary supplements have increased in popularity, as they offer additional nutritional boosts to even the healthiest of eaters. If you find yourself scratching your head in confusion amongst all the combinations of vitamins and minerals out there, fret not, as the good folks at Streamline Sports have offered us some expert advice on what supplements to look out for that feature these essential nutrients the next time you go shopping for health foods!

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Magnesium is to our bodies like how a strong foundation is to a house. This humble mineral forms the building blocks of many important functions that are crucial to us, from hundreds of metabolic processes to forming our DNA. Without it, we literally cannot function. As human bodies are incapable of naturally producing it, along with the rate at which it is depleted from food sources during manufacturing and refinement processes, it comes as no surprise that a significant proportion of the general population shows signs of magnesium deficiency.

As some studies have linked depression to low levels of magnesium, integrating a dose of magnesium into your everyday diet can help you radiate from inside out, easing anxiety and improving nerves. What’s more, people who have—or are at risk of developing—osteoporosis can tag on a serving of collagen supplements to their magnesium to better their bone density and condition.

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The ability for such a deadly virus to stick on surfaces and spread around so rapidly has urged people to become hyper-aware of what microscopic crawlies might be lurking around their surrounding exteriors. Though bacterium has been declared public enemy number two by cleaning product and pocket sanitiser brands alike, people are forgetting the absolutely necessary nature of a “good” bacteria.

Otherwise known as probiotics, this good bacterium has the main function of keeping our internal climate at a safe balance, hunkering down to keep harmful bad bacteria under control. Our overall gut health is heavily influenced by this organic balancing act, helping to support the cells responsible for absorbing other supplements, which also leads to offshoot effects on our immune function. Probiotics are also naturally found in pickled and fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, yoghurt, and kombucha, but if you want to skip the generally sour and acidic flavours of such foods and drinks, you can opt for an easy to intake probiotic supplement instead.

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It protects your health, it prevents coronary heart disease, but, most importantly, it repairs your body after arduous exercise sessions! Many are familiar with the properties of Omega-3 in lowering blood pressure and preventing plaque from clogging up our arteries, but aside from boasting a star status in helping to maintain heart health, Omega-3 has also shown a particularly positive effect on athletes and active folk.

It helps greatly to reduce inflammation of muscle tissue, easing the post-workout and after-training sores, in addition to preventing the loss of muscle mass after injuries and long-term strain. Start a ritual of taking between one to three Omega-3 soft-gel tablets daily after dinner to reward your body with a token of appreciation for what it can do!

Photo credit: Melissa Askew (via Unsplash)

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is essential to bone health, as our bodies are just not capable of absorbing calcium without its presence. Regular exposure to sunshine is identified as the main means through which vitamin D is extracted. However, living an urbanite lifestyle makes this process harder than should be. Coming into contact with sunlight is already quite a luxury for office dwellers who spend their 9-to-5 workdays indoors and underground on arduous MTR commutes.

Coupled with the fact that not many foods can be classed as adequate sources of vitamin D (fatty fishes and egg being the only items they are naturally found in), it is an ever-important supplement to add to our shelves. For the winter months, stock up on vitamin D3 tablets to protect your wellbeing in addition to forging an extra level of protection against upper respiratory tract infection risks.

Photo credit: Owen Beard (via Unsplash)


Going hand in hand with vitamin D, calcium plays a vital role in influencing our bones, muscles, and blood. Talk about calcium, and many will remember childhood PSAs and science lessons that highlight everyday milk-drinking as the key to getting bigger and stronger. Growing up does not mean that we’ve had enough of the mineral—in fact, the older you become the more you should be taking daily.

Calcium can also soothe our muscles whilst preventing blood clots, ensuring that our internal engines run smoothly. From helping to prevent rickets at a young age to being important for preventing bone fractures later on in life, calcium is a supplement that will help aid your health throughout an entire lifetime, so be sure to add a serving to your routine.

Photo credit: Alexandr Podvalny (via Unsplash)

Bonus: Daily multi-vitamins

All of the above may be a lot to digest (pun intended), but there is no need to stress! Opting for a multi-vitamin is an easy and efficient way to tick every box on the list of everyday physiological necessities—everything is condensed into one quick gulp. Adhering to EU guidance levels, the nutrient reference value (NRV) is your broad rule of thumb which determines the specific components and the adjunct amount an average person needs to prevent deficiencies.

Think of the daily multi-vitamin as a lifehack tool that gives you vitamins A, C, E, B5, B6, and K2, as well as folic acid, potassium, and more in one neat package. Certain groups who can really benefit from incorporating multi-vitamins include vegans, older folk, and individuals who have undergone weight loss through surgery or calorie restriction. No matter your diet, multis are like a superhero that uses their powers to ensure you have a well-rounded intake!

Now that you know what supplements to add to your diet and daily routine, the next question is, where do you get them all from? Streamline Sports, of course! Stocking more than just high-quality fitness and workout equipment, you can also look to this Hong Kong-based online shopping portal for sports and health supplements. 

From daily multi-vitamins and vitamin D3 tablets to Omega-3 soft-gels and more, Streamline Sports offers a wide selection of supplements and health foods that should become fixtures of your daily nourishment. All orders received before 3 pm on business days are dispatched on the same day, and you can expect your delivery within three business days—talk about expedient! If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your sports-related needs, why not take a browse through Streamline Sports’ extensive catalogue and see if their nutritional best-sellers catch your fancy?


1. The above are recommendations and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

2. The above supplements are meant for use as health enhancements and should not be taken as a cure to or sole prevention for any illnesses.

3. For information specific to your individual health conditions, please consult a licensed practitioner.

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