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What are weighted blankets & why you should have one

By Dormu Sponsored | 22 January 2021

Header image courtesy of @all_who_wander (via Unsplash)

As 2020 has sufficiently proven, the world is indeed a harsh place full of dangers, and our last vestiges of safety seem to only exist at home. If you are anything at all like us, then your bedroom is your own private haven, cherished above all other spots in your house. It can be hard to get through the cold winter with nowhere to go and a global pandemic still raging on, but the sleep experts at Dormu are here to help make your bedroom more comfortable and conducive for rest. Curl up comfortably, and read on!

First of all, what are weighted blankets?

This is definitely a product that has gained popularity with the recent interest in holistic wellness. Well, weighted blankets are just what the name implies: blankets that have weights stitched into them. First introduced by therapists for behavioural disorders, these are now very much a mainstream product to help poor sleepers get sufficient rest and are prescribed by sleep doctors for their effectiveness in helping people sleep more quickly. Aside from helping to aid sleep, this welcome weight is also typically used to squash anxiety—sounds like just what a lot of us need in these weird times!

These blankets are typically filled with glass or plastic beads, with glass being the denser and better option. They are sometimes also manufactured in a variety of weights, and the recommended choice is around seven to 12 percent of the user’s body weight. Children over three years old can also use weighted blankets as a therapeutic means, but to be safe, it’s important to choose an option where it’s possible to freely move under its weight.

How do weighted blankets work?

Relying on the principles of deep-pressure stimulation, this added pressure on the body during rest can increase serotonin and melatonin production, while decreasing cortisol production. In layman’s terms, this means weight blankets encourage the production of chemicals in the human body that can keep you feeling happy, calm, and relaxed. Pet owners may already be familiar with a similar concept in anti-anxiety beds for pets who get scared of fireworks and thunderstorms; we’re not too different from animals, after all.

The snug pressure enveloping users encourages the body to stay still, which usually also works to calm the mind and stop it wandering or spiralling, making it easier to relax or fall asleep. Weighted blankets are not meant to cure any medical conditions, but they have become popular among those who suffer from insomnia or anxiety to get some much-needed shut-eye.

Okay, but do weighted blankets really work?

According to occupational therapists and sleep doctors, yes, there are indeed real benefits to using weighted blankets! Research suggests that they can help reduce anxiety and, in the case of users who may not consider themselves anxious, also help with sleep disturbances like insomnia.

Users mostly describe the sensation of a weighted blanket as feeling like a hug. Being wrapped in a soft fabric with a firm weight that is warmed with body heat can definitely feel like being cocooned in an embrace. We all know that hugging is one of the most common comforts that humans are conditioned to seek out when in a negative mood. In much the same way, a weighted blanket provides some physiological calm to users with a cosy pressure engulfing the body.

Who should use weighted blankets?

In general, these are the users for which weighted blankets are created, and how it benefits them.

  • To help people who struggle to fall asleep, whether they suffer from insomnia or not

  • To help people who wake up intermittently throughout the night

  • To help people with anxiety by mimicking a therapeutic technique

  • To help children with ADHD overcome sensory issues, calm down, and self-regulate

  • To help people who experience chronic pain experience some relief

Living in a hectic city like Hong Kong, it’s almost inevitable that we all suffer from elevated levels of stress, long work hours, a brain that refuses to stop churning even in the evenings, and therefore sleep that is fractured and leaves us feeling drained more often than refreshed. If this sounds like you, then a weighted blanket may be just the thing to add to your lifestyle—even if you don’t think you’re an insomniac, an anxious person, have ADHD, or a chronic pain sufferer!

Where to find weighted blankets in Hong Kong

Ready to take matters into your own hands and achieve a better night’s rest? Check out the weighted blanket from Hong Kong brand Dormu. Created by two British expats living in Hong Kong who suffered from acute insomnia, Dormu’s products were designed to be a tried-and-tested range of sleep and relaxation solutions. Engineered to deliver the perfect night’s sleep, their weighted blanket and duvet cover are both made with 100 percent lyocell bamboo—an ethical and sustainable material that does not compromise the planet, animals, or people. It is also extremely soft and thermo-regulating, which is essential for keeping you cool in the hot summers of Hong Kong and warm in the cold winters. Inside, you’ll find glass beads as weights, another sustainable choice, as opposed to the plastic beads that are common in other weighted blankets. Get your hands on a weighted blanket sooner rather than later, and get ready to say goodbye to sleep deprivation!


Created by two British expats in Hong Kong who struggled with acute insomnia, Dormu is a wellness brand for functional sleep and relaxation solutions. All of their products are made from sustainable materials, and are formulated to improve quality of sleep, and thereby also well-being in general. Dormu is on a mission to help people sleep through a carefully curated range of scientifically effective products.

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