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4 best TV models for your audio-visual needs

By Localiiz Branded | 17 September 2021

Header image courtesy of Samsung

Nothing beats a cosy movie marathon in the comforts of your own home cinema, and AV Life knows that. As Hong Kong’s premium audio-visual storefront, they have lent us their expert forecast on the best television models to opt for when composing your living room set-up. Here are their top picks from Samsung’s latest Neo QLED series launch, and why they should be your main choice, too!

For those with an eye for colour

Take your viewing experience a step further by exploring the level of detail and sharpened colour contrast in 8K. Compared to devices that rely on regular quantum matrix technology, the Samsung NEO QLED 8K TV 75QN900A adds to their signature quantum mini-LED technology through enhanced attention to detail. 

It has 1.5 times more lighting zones than older features, boasting a whole new level of meticulousness. Tapping into cutting-edge backlight dimming technology, greater variances in shades and colours are better expressed, making the bright tones ultra-vibrant, whilst the dark tones dim out into shadows.

For those who like a smart screen

If you belong to the group of early-adopter shoppers always keen to update to the newest technology in the game, what better way to enjoy a cutting-edge television viewing experience than indulging in an AI-powered device? 

Powered by a whopping 16 neural networks, the Samsung NEO QLED 8K TV 65QN800A is a smart appliance that learns to keep advancing as you use it. Using the data from its Neo Quantum processor, no single piece of detail amongst these 33 million pixels is left unturned.

What’s more, the model additionally supports multi-view function for an eagle-eyed viewing. Up to four different sources of content can be projected split screen, with Tap View allowing smaller screens to be mirrored on the main Infinity One Design screen itself. With all these angles, come all new possibilities—you will never miss a moment.

For total immersion

Losing yourself in a game is arguably one of the best feelings there is, and this is the gear to help you do just that. Heightening the colour contrasts using Quantum Dot technology, the Samsung QLED TV 65Q60A and 55Q60A are ace at crafting a mesmerising atmosphere that enhances colour by playing with light. 

No matter if you are striking at monsters on a battlefield, or building a mansion out of pixel blocks, the world around you stays true to its colour. As an extra treat for the senses, the added gravitational pull from the Motion Xcelerator Turbo feature fully thrusts you into a surreal experience.

For frame-by-frame perfection

Plugging into the vast advantages that come with AI-boosted intelligent processing, the Samsung NEO QLED TV 55QN90A utilises deep learning to optimise the brilliance of colours as well as the precision of resolution on-screen. Every single frame is guaranteed to flourish in fully loaded 4K, making sure that all visible content is presented in peak condition.

Just because a television plates up a feast for your eyes, that does not mean it shouldn’t take care of your vision, too. Applicable to both daytime or bright lights during darker hours of the night, the element of anti-reflection built into the screens helps to minimise glare that oft results in eye strain. Its chic design incorporates an Ultra Viewing Angle shape, making for expansive angles that everyone in the room can enjoy.

As the city’s standalone audio-visual speciality chain store, AV Life is the one-stop destination in meeting all of your equipment needs. Keeping a finger on the pulse, their exceptional selection of devices and gear are kept up-to-date, and are easily found on their website as well as at their stores. 

In fact, their in-house showrooms elevate the shopping experience by allowing for comparisons of different products in a comfortable and realistic setting, complete with staff by your side ready to give answers and savvy insider advice. Visit one of their 10 locations now, and get a preview of the latest TV models to upgrade your living space!

AV Life

Since 2002, AV Life has been offering a broad range of audio-visual products and solutions for top-tier home entertainment set-ups. Elevating the process of choosing and comparing to find the perfect products, there is a constantly updated roster of high-quality screens, speakers, and more—ready for on-site trials with professional tips from attentive staff.