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5 ways to pair your outfits with your tech gadgets

By Localiiz Branded | 27 May 2021

Header image courtesy of TheCoopIdea

Ever dashed out of your front door only to sulk in a puddle of intense regret and silence, because you forgot to bring your precious headphones along on your morning commute? As we reach an era of unforeseen technological leaps, several gadgets have stood out as items nobody can seem to function without. Not just a component of everyday living, gizmos like Bluetooth earphones and protective phone cases have also become the accessory to add to your outfit for an extra “it” factor.

Led by the expert eyes of a Kiwi designer based in Hong Kong, TheCoopIdea shares with us some tips to show you how you can pair your looks with your devices based on your personal style.

Like the cool kids

Over the years, the idea of “cool” has shapeshifted to embody many things. From the effortless grunge fashion of the 1990s to the countercultural hippie aesthetics of the 1960s, the “scene” being referenced didn’t matter nearly as much as the offbeat attitude the dresser embodied. No matter the type of dress, the “je ne se quoi” that remains hinges upon the act of unapologetically standing out.

If you thrive when swimming against the tides of mainstream hype, TheCoopIdea suggests the military Cargo 02 true wireless earbuds—an upgraded version of their wildly popular Cargo 01 earbuds that is now 30 percent smaller and lighter—as a perfect enhancement to your aesthetic. Edgy yet composed, its cargo style is the epitome of form meets function. Packed in a lightweight zinc case that mimics the jutted ridges and steely textures of an industrial export container, the Cargo 02 wireless earbuds are just the thing for those who “dare to be different.”

One thing that’s great about the Cargo 02 is that scratches and dents enhance rather than detract from the model, as they amp up the item with a DIY feel. The longer you use it, the more unique and personal it looks—how cool is that? When it comes to picking complementary clothing, structured pieces inspired by sports gear and military clothing in greens, browns, and dark tones are a good rule of thumb that works as a continuation of the theme. Tactical vests and bucket hats have been all the rage, making them great to add to summer variations.

In terms of its capabilities to withstand wear and tear, the IPX5 protection makes the Cargo 02 true wireless earbuds resistant to sweat, an impressive feat that comes as a bonus to its long total playtime of thirty hours. Paired with a D-ring strap that is included with the set, simply hitch the case of the earbuds onto the belt clip of a pair of cargo pants, a backpack, or even on the zipper on an outer layer vest, merging techwear convenience with an ultra-cool street style.

Living young, wild, and free

Having a handful of “classic” staples is like being granted a lifetime pass to great fashion, as you can easily mix and match trending statement pieces whilst still maintaining an air of timeless stylishness. Basics can go a long way, serving as the foundation for outfits. Clever combinations of standard pieces with smartly placed accessories are the way to go, maintaining a general aura of simplicity without veering into bare-bones minimalism.

With pastels making a comeback thanks to the boom of the mid-century revival, Memphis deco sensibilities are bleeding into fashion. Perfectly balancing a sleek and simple shape with fun colours in their BeansAir and BeansPro styles, TheCoopIdea brings a youthful touch to polished products. Delivering high-quality sound, their earbuds are sculpted to give a comfortable fit, made even more snug with additional cushiony soft tips. 

Cancel unwanted outside noise with one simple touch, easily switching between active noise cancellation mode and ambient sound for moments that need your attention—like staying safe whilst crossing the road.

In place of jewellery pieces, swap in a pair of Beans earphones, which offer a second advantage of being utilitarian, apart from just a playful appearance. Flesh out the hues of black, olive, or pink in the Beans Pro 2 by incorporating apparel in those shades. Boldly printed tops, patterned pants, or graphic tees offer an eclectic focal point to contrast against the subdued foundation pieces. If you want to go even lighter, choose from the softer ash, turquoise, and sakura pink tones of the Beans Air true wireless, which, at its weight of 3.6 grammes, feels like it’s barely there.

Slam dunk sport casual

Taking functionality to a whole new level, the athleisure trend integrates convenience into daily casualwear. Its hybridisation speaks to the fast-paced and highly active lifestyle that has been embraced by today’s youth, making waves through contemporary fashion. First taking flight in the early 2010s, athleisure draws upon the properties of lightweight and breathable fabrics to create looks that can be worn from day to late. Approaching the recent “next-gen athleisure” stage of its evolution, there’s no better way to enhance the style than adopting gadgets into your kit.

Constantly keeping count of our health metrics and accompanying us on our workouts, the smartwatch is the sidekick of choice for health-conscious individuals who also love to dress snazzy. Providing information that tracks the progress of our physical activity, as well as stats on our resting time, the watches barely leave our sides. This is all the more reason for us to choose one that is easy on the eyes. TheCoopIdea’s Belt collection of Apple smartwatch straps are accessories that add a touch of updated varsity cool to any outfit with its suave nylon green and dashing orange.

Whether it be blending in an urban flair with fresh luxury sneakers, or classing it up with a prim outer layer and leather shoes, all sorts of innovative twists can be thoughtfully infused into athleisure. To put together an activewear look suitable for the streets rather than for the Astroturf, play around with switching between featuring the sporty garment as the main piece. You can also draw attention away from it by throwing in streetwear garments between the layers.

Adding another layer to the versatility of this style, the Art and Collab series Belt watch straps can be altered based on the occasion of wear, as each set comes with one in a solid colour and another one stamped with adorably iconic Sanrio characters. Though light and comfortable to wear, the durability of the strap is ensured, thanks to its tough material and stainless-steel hardware and buckles. It’ll brave through even the grittiest of sporting adventures.

Keeping it kitsch and kawaii

Kawaii aesthetics are something that many on our side of the world are familiar with, be it in a manner that rings up nostalgia from our childhood days, or as little sparks of cuteness that remains dotted amongst our belongings. Its influence has entered the sphere of fashion as well, spawning a variety of sub-styles. After all, what is more iconic than the familiar faces of the Sanrio cast?

Having collaborated with other iconic labels like Vans, Aigle, and Absolut, TheCoopIdea is no stranger to elevating their products to a whole new level with input from other design perspectives, creating fusions of their signature uniqueness with a special touch. Their joint collection with Sanrio showcases the 10 most popular characters, such as Hello Kitty and My Melody, perking up your outfits with a pop of kawaii that does not go overboard into over-the-top territory.

Pastels are certainly the hottest colour selection for summer. For a more subtle look, try selecting clothing from only one colour and combining several garments with adjacent shades, before tying the look together with a pair of kitschy Sanrio Beans+ true wireless earbuds from the same capsule collection—particularly their Little Twin Stars versions.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to mix the decals around with patterns and textures. If denim is your go-to style of fabric, the bright red My Melody earbuds provide a vibrant pop of colour as a contrast. The custard-yellow Pom Pom Purin model is also a sweet touch to liven out an outfit with darker or muted colours. For those who want to really make a statement, feel free to let out your inner child and embrace an overload of twee in the form of child-like detailing—like cartoon patterns and clashing colours—accompanied by either cropped or oversized proportions.

I am who I am

No matter the style you go for, the conventions you are inspired by, or the fashion rules you want to break, the core of a good outfit is one that makes you feel like your best self. A sure-fire way to add a wholly personalised touch to your outfits is to incorporate an element of DIY. Fix up an old garment by wearing it differently and ask friends for a second opinion for their fresh perspective.

An item that has become particularly popular recently thanks to the likes of crafty TikTokers are scarves. As they are highly malleable, you can find a plethora of ways to tie them around and re-configure them into a whole bunch of different looks.

Don’t be afraid to get crafty! Taking this homespun attitude a step further, TheCoopIdea suggests customising your gadgets for a head-to-toe look that is completely yours. Their iPhone 11- and 12-compatible Canvas Custom phone cases place an emphasis on functionality, letting you add your own visual touch to seven different light and slim fit bases using custom text, decals, and crossbody straps, aside from having an antibacterial coating to keep you safe. You can feel free to chalk up a case that truly reflects who you are—giving you the freedom to become a fashion chameleon who slips easily between any aesthetic you desire.

Combining bold designs with high-quality functionality, TheCoopIdea allows individuals to express themselves uniquely without sacrificing excellence or value. Serving up a range of chic products that include accessories like wireless earbuds, smartwatch straps, phone cases, and more, your daily electronic essentials are irrevocably transformed and elevated stylishly.

From now until 30 June, TheCoopIdea is treating Localiiz readers to some sweet deals! Receive a 10 percent discount when presenting the code LOCALCOOPERS during checkout on any order. Upon purchasing a pair of Cargo 2 wireless earbuds, our readers—and our readers only!—will receive an exclusive complimentary gift of a Cargo Belt watch strap (worth $199) for free!


TheCoopIdea is a purveyor of high-quality lifestyle goods that merge bold, unique designs with superb functionality. Bridging together fresh aesthetics with expert performance, their products cater to the hip crowd who live out their mantra of “Bold to be free, dare to be different.”