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Your guide to choosing the perfect engagement ring

By Localiiz Branded | 29 April 2021

Diamond shopping usually is not a regular weekend activity for most people, so it makes sense to feel confused and overwhelmed when trying to pick a perfect diamond ring for your significant other. We consulted The Diamond Registry’s resident expert Nissan Perla for tips and tricks on how to make sure you’re getting the best option possible, and the importance of being educated on how to determine the quality of your diamond jewellery. Here’s what to look out for when purchasing an engagement ring, or any other type of diamond jewellery—from the significance of different cuts to the best way to get the most out of your budget.

Does size matter?

The bigger the carat, the higher the price (usually). Even tiny weight differences can have a significant effect—the price of a two-carat stone can be dramatically higher than a 1.9-carat one. Of course, a bigger rock is guaranteed to draw more attention, but it is actually more prudent to invest in good quality stones that might be smaller in size.

Cheaper stones are likely to lose their lustre quickly and translate to a low resale value. Purchase a diamond that will hold its value in the long run, by evaluating a stone based on the 4 Cs—cut, colour, clarity, and carat. The most important thing to consider while making a diamond purchase is actually the cut quality. Without a good cut, the brightest and clearest gems will seem dull.

Different cuts

A round cut is the most popular option for diamond engagement rings—it showcases the brilliance of the stone to its fullest (read: most sparkly), but it is also the most expensive shape. This is because a large amount of the rough stone has to be cut away in order to achieve the perfect symmetrical shape. However, round diamonds are very good for hiding imperfections in the stone, so you can get away with lower clarity and colour grades.

Princess cuts are more affordable and can generate a comparable level of brilliance and fire as round cuts. They also tend to look bigger than a round cut of the same carat category. A cushion cut has a softer sparkle, for more romantic styles. Oval and marquise cuts elongate the hand and can look bigger on your hand as well. Asscher and emerald cuts are harder to find, and harkens back to Art Deco times with their geometric forms. However, they are generally less sparkly than conventional cuts and looks smaller than a round cut of the same carat category.

One cost-effective way to maximise the sparkle factor without having to shell out for a bigger rock is to put your diamond in a halo setting or on a pavé band. In a halo design, where small diamonds encircle a larger centre stone, light is able to play off the facets of the centre stone as well as with the surrounding stones, intensifying the sparkle of the centre diamond. A pavé band creates the line of tiny sparkling jewels, creating more opportunity and angles to showcase the ring’s brilliance.

Different metals

Warm metal tones like yellow and rose gold can reflect onto a white diamond—the clearer the diamond, the more readily it absorbs colours nearby. Metals lighter in colour, such as white gold and platinum, will be a better foil to clear diamonds, so as to accentuate the brilliance and fire of the centre stone. For lower-grade diamonds, opting for yellow or rose gold can soften the yellowish tint and make the stone seem brighter and clearer in comparison.

Branded vs bespoke

Engagement rings from big brands are usually associated with quality and prestige, which can be useful for the first-time buyer. However, they also carry the weight of the brand name with them, which means that you are paying a premium for factors that have nothing to do with the quality of the stone. It might also be a challenge to find the exact piece you had in mind, due to the sheer number of options and lack of guidance offered.

Working with a diamond expert ensures that you are getting the fairest price for the utmost quality. You will also be able to bring your preferred design to life while staying within your budget. Services such as The Diamond Registry can be the ultimate time-saver and cost-cutter, so that you end up with the engagement ring of your dreams without all the hassle!

The Diamond Registry is the largest and extensive diamond information and price platform in the world. Established in 1961, it helps individuals find the perfect diamond, buying directly from the source at wholesale prices. Highly experienced in-house designers work closely with customers to create any ring you wish, so you can rest assured that your diamond jewellery is unique to you and your sensibilities. The Diamond Registry is also dedicated to providing the public with information and education on diamond quality and increasing the transparency of the diamond industry and market. Start your journey to finding your perfect engagement ring and get a free quote here.

The Diamond Registry

Established in 1961, The Diamond Registry is the most comprehensive diamond price and information platform in the world. Their mission is to help you to find the perfect diamond, buying directly from the source at wholesale prices. The team works with customers from the beginning to the end, and will personally ensure that you get what you need every step of the way.

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