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5 reasons why you should try a designer fashion rental membership

By Localiiz Branded | 28 April 2021

Header image courtesy of @stylecarousel (via Instagram)

It seems as though with every seasonal switch, the closets of Hongkongers become purged out and spruced up with the timeliest brand-studded items. Common as this cycle might be, the toll it takes on your storage space, wallet, and on the planet is definitely not something that sparks joy. That’s not to say you should drop out from the fashion game entirely. In fact, opting for a clothing rental service can allow you to swap around your pieces for an even greater variety of items while halving the worry on cost and other headaches.

For the snappy dresser guilty of having a complete clothing overhaul with every new collection, booking one-time designer rentals or saving even more with a long-term membership like StylePass by Style Carousel is the perfect helper. To give you a better idea of what to expect, three editors at Localiiz recently gave the StylePass a spin for a month. Here’s how it went.

A brilliant concept

Overall, the increased circular lifetime of a garment rented using StylePass presents a much better alternative to possessing items, most of which simply gather dust in a closet after being worn for just one event or two.

Even better is the circle of brands that keeps expanding, encompassing everything from big-name designers like Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Hermés, and Bottega Veneta, to streetwear brands such as Off-White, Balenciaga and Jacquemus. You can even support local brands directly by booking from their selection of Hong Kong-based boutiques such as Emma Wallace, Qipology and Yi-Ming.

Each of us was able to find something that piqued our interest, adding to the roster of our wardrobe. Being able to rent complete outfits from dinner party styles to full gala looks rather than purchase them was also a chance for us to step out of our stylistic comfort zone and slip into something different without fully committing to the look.

Photo: @l.lilyl wearing Hermès booked through Style Carousel (via Instagram)

It’s not an entrapping commitment

It felt freeing to know that we could choose to halt or cancel our StylePass membership any time before it renewed itself. Particularly helpful was the end-of-month email that reminded us of the impending auto-renewal. It was a welcome breath of fresh air from the silent, automated monthly charges that seem to have become common practice for quite a number of subscription model services out there.

Adding on to that, it was comforting to know that there were no hidden fees embedded into the process of meddling with the account plan. Upgrades to our plans only required a single payment and cancellations were free—the whole plan was as simple as a classic LBD.

Photo: @denisejho wearing Lanvin booked through StylePass (via Instagram)

Size does matter

A concern that typically looms over the operation of scouting for designer and vintage items tends to revolve around the availability of sizes. In this regard, Style Carousel does put in an effort to accommodate people with different measurements by offering more than one sizing option for their pieces whenever available.

At the moment, popular sizes are limited to more petite proportions, with their range showing the same measurements as the UK, Italian, French, and US size guides. Being extra thoughtful, they slipped in a double for one of our rental dresses as a back-up in case the other one was the wrong fit. In cases where the rented item doesn’t fit, or for whatever reason is “unwearable,” they offered unlimited exchanges and credit refunds.

Easy logistics

Aside from the greater variety in choice, another feat of StylePass is how your order can show up on your doorstep at the snap of your fingers. StylePass makes it even simpler by arranging for direct courier pick-up and drop-offs. It helps, however, to assemble a whole outfit or choose a few items to pack up in one go, as the $50 delivery fee is waived when you schedule the delivery of multiple items for the same day.

Catching sight of the white-coloured box and signature coral pink tag had us glowing with excitement. Did we mention that next-day deliveries are available? Spontaneous ladies’ nights have never been so glamorous.

Photo: @tasha_cheung wearing Lanvin booked through Style Carousel (via Instagram)

The site and service

Sure, a virtual platform can give us more freedom, but a few pages made us feel like we are navigating a sea of hyperlinks that seldom lead to where we wanted to go. Despite its sleek presentation and detailed FAQ section—supremely handy for first-time users—the StylePass landing page is due for a little update.

Flitting between pages, account settings, and search filters for the StylePass is a process that reads a tad unintuitive at the moment, but the team is working to improve the experience. As a matter of fact, their responsive and genuinely attentive assistance on WhatsApp certainly makes up for it.

Amidst a fast-paced and packed schedule, the impending return date was bound to slip our minds if it were not for their reminder. StylePass sends timely updates on dispatches, deliveries, as well as reminders for returns, which we think elevates their quality of service quality even more. Communication with the team was effortless during each step of us arranging our separate orders.

What’s the verdict?

Aside from getting over the initial hump in the browsing process, none of us testers had encountered anything to rant about in the—frankly, smooth-flowing—order arrangements while using StylePass. We are definitely stoked about the assemblage of gorgeous pieces on Style Carousel, although what brought the experience to the next level was their stellar customer service and superb organising.

If you are looking to experiment with new styles, tired of browsing around shops but never actually buying anything, or simply bored with your wardrobe rotation, a StylePass membership is certainly worth a try. Click here to buy StylePass today for a special monthly price of just $1,188, or simply book one-time rentals to give it a try!

Style Carousel

Style Carousel is a luxury fashion rental platform. The team is committed to providing online shoppers with a simple and socially responsible way to access their most beloved luxury brands.

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