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How to get US-exclusive brands delivered to Hong Kong

By Sponsored | 12 May 2020

Hong Kong has always been a retail paradise with plenty of local and international brands to satiate even the most hardcore of shoppers. That said, there are so many overseas stores, particularly ones in the US, that aren’t available to us still. We’ve only recently had Sephora come back to our shores, but still can’t get beauty brands such as Glossier and elf delivered to us, for example. 

Globalisation has meant that retail is amalgamating—for instance, we can get our cinnamon bun fixes with Cinnabon finally in Hong Kong—but there is a clear price difference in what imported goods we can find here. How many times have we said to American friends, “Help me stock up on Lucky Charms cereal when you’re home!” because they sell for more than double the price here? The online stores that do offer international delivery options are usually so expensive that we shudder and log out of the site entirely when we get to the final shopping cart! 

No worries, we’re here to let you know there are ways around the international shipping restrictions keeping you from getting access to your favourite retail stores. Read on to find out how you can have American products delivered straight to your door here in Hong Kong, faster and cheaper than ordering directly with overseas stores themselves, and even buy from US-exclusive brands!

Saving money on delivery

Even when we do manage to find US stores that will deliver to Hong Kong, the shipping fee is usually prohibitively expensive. What’s worse is that you’d have to wait for a good half a month for your packages to arrive! For example, a delivery from Amazon costs at least US$60, with a delivery time of nine to 14 days. There’s nothing worse than obsessively tracking your order and twitching every time the doorbell rings while waiting for delivery to arrive. This is where comes into the picture.

Offering an easy, affordable, and reliable way for Hongkongers to shop US retailers and ship purchases worldwide, MyUS allows users to get everything they need from stores in the States, even if these retailers don’t normally ship to Hong Kong. Want to buy from J. Crew, Nordstrom, Walmart, or even Funko Pop collectable toys? MyUS has you sorted.

Apart from international shipping from the US being slow, frequent online shoppers will also know that shipping directly from each store can significantly rack up the total in your shopping cart. MyUS will bundle multiple packages into one order, which means you can save big on delivery costs—up to 80 percent! Why pay Nordstrom, Next, and Carter’s separately for each of their delivery fees, when you can pay one shipping fee and have it all sent to you the same?

How does MyUS work?

It’s simple. Once you sign up as a MyUS member, you will receive a personal MyUS address. This is the address that you will then enter at checkout when you shop American stores. MyUS will then provide you with a range of shipping options, where you can save money with package consolidation. Once your packages arrive at the MyUS facility, they can then be swiftly delivered straight to your door in Hong Kong in as little as two to four days, thanks to their partnerships with DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Your exclusive MyUS promotion

We know your fingers are itching to get straight onto your favourite shopping sites, but hang in there for two more minutes. MyUS is offering Localiiz readers one full year of Premium Membership for free!

Usually valued at US$60, the Premium Membership option allows for newly reduced shipping rates, premium package consolidation which will save users up to 80 percent on shipping rates by combining packages from different retailers into one shipment, the TruePrice benefit which means you pay for the weight of your shipment instead of its size, a waiving on US sales tax, and customs and compliance services to ensure a smooth delivery.

Sign up via this link now to enjoy a year of free Premium Membership with MyUS, and save money while having easy access to your All-American favourites!

This offer is valid for new members only and may not be combined with other discounts and promotions. After one year, the free membership will be automatically renewed as a regular-priced Premium Membership. Members can manage this subscription or cancel at any time after sign up. is an easy, affordable, and reliable way to shop American retailers and ship purchases worldwide, with delivery from the MyUS warehouse to Hong Kong in as little as two to four days.

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