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5 Mido watches for every occasion

By Localiiz Branded | 20 September 2022

Header image courtesy of Mido Watches

A watch is an important accessory. It complements one’s looks but also serves a practical purpose by telling us the time, so finding a brand you can trust matters. Mido is a Swiss heritage brand that takes inspiration from iconic architecture. Its watches are made of cutting-edge technology with proprietary automatic movements built from a Swiss-made ETA base—a step up from what most manufacturers use, making it a one-of-a-kind brand.

Mido’s Ocean Star collection is among the finest offered by the Swiss brand. At its core, the Ocean Star is a must-have for water sports lovers or those with a love for the open seas, but that by no means limits you from wearing it on other occasions. Light and made of resistant materials, the watches in this collection go with a variety of attires, whether it is for work and business, a casual day, a fun night out, or when you are connecting with nature.

If you are looking for a versatile brand that can serve as the perfect companion to any outfit, check out our picks of the five Mido watches to go with every occasion.


For a business or formal event

Nothing looks as sleek as a watch with the authoritative aesthetics of an entirely black exterior with subtle hints of green. This makes the Ocean Star 600 Chronometer Black edition the perfect timepiece for a business or formal event. While it reigns supreme in the ocean depths, its lacquered dial, technical ceramic, black DLC-treated case, and bracelet all emit a dark and mysterious allure. You are also in great hands when keeping tabs on the time thanks to the 80 hours of power reserve available. With this on your wrist, expect to pull off any business or formal attire.


For day-to-day and casual wear

The Ocean Star Tribute is an all-inclusive watch, which is why it’s great as your day-to-day timepiece. The red gradient dial is striking enough to turn heads while the black rubber strap makes it easy to wear on the wrist, adding a unique retro look. Even if you are just out on a casual walk, shopping, or spending a weekend with friends or family, the watch stands out in its polished 40.5-millimetre diameter case and “glass box”-style sapphire crystal.

The size is fitting for both men and women, but what truly makes it perfect for daily wear is its durability and high-performance finishes, like the Super-Luminova technology for readability and water resistance of up to 660 feet.


For a party

Mido’s Ocean Star 200C might have been designed for the seas but its matte green dial is a powerful presence on any person’s wrist, not to mention an eye candy at any party. When you are out on the dancefloor, enjoying the night with a drink in hand, the watch’s scratch-proof material is a true saviour. Add in the other outstanding physical properties, like the resistance to thermal shock, hardness, and long-term stability, and you have a winner.

The highlight of the watch is its rotating bezel made of ceramic, one of the most outstanding materials in watchmaking. Factor in its bright green shade—a refreshing colour for a timepiece—and you get a distinctive look that stands out as the life of the party.


Exploring the great outdoors

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, the Ocean Star 200 watch is the right fit. Not only do you have eight designs to choose from, but you can also select between a rubber, stainless steel, or synthetic strap depending on your preference and activity level.

Mido’s sporty timepiece offers indexes with Super-Luminova technology and skeletonised hands, ideal for either land or sea. Its indices at six and 12 o’clock have two points, making them easier to read in the water, and the shape also bears extra protection for the screw-down crown to maintain a smooth, unblemished finish even on the wildest adventures.


Out at sea

Wearing the Ocean Star GMT special edition watch on your wrist is akin to feeling the warm sand beneath your feet and dipping your hands into a body of pristine water. Maritime DNA is written all over this timepiece, from its ocean blue dial right down to its fine finishes.

Its steel bracelet is interchangeable with another Nato-style fabric strap in alternating blue, red, and white stripes for a colourful day out at sea. Even better is its Calibre 80 technology, which provides up to 80 hours of power reserve and offers water resistance up to 660 feet. No doubt, the Ocean Star GMT is the watch if your destination is the high seas.

If you are in the market for a watch brand that’s versatile, affordable, and settles for nothing less than the highest quality, you will want to check out what else Mido has to offer. Browse through dozens of styles and colourways online to find your dream watch today!

Mido Watches

Cutting-edge technology, automatic movements renowned for their excellence, and high-quality materials are the three pillars on which Mido’s unique timepieces rest. Established in Switzerland in 1918 by Georges Schaeren, the refined and understated designs of Mido’s watches endow them with a resolutely timeless quality and reliable durability.