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6 places to buy the best face masks in Hong Kong

By Shania Siu 23 July 2021

Header image courtesy of Masklab

Face masks, for most of us, started out as a mere medical necessity in response to the global pandemic. However, considering that we are not going to be mask-free in the near future, many have grown to embrace face masks as part of our daily outfits. Plus, wearing them for hours on end has brought to the forefront the importance of comfort, style, and sustainability.

Fortunately for us, stocks are no longer running low; in fact, the Hong Kong market is practically teeming with all kinds of different face masks right now, and we understand how overwhelming the choices can be. Well, look no further! Here’s a list of six places in Hong Kong offering the best masks—both disposable and reusable—including some of our personal favourites.

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BestMart360 (優品360)

If you need to talk a lot at work or school, wear make-up, or simply want a little bit of room between your face and your mask to breathe, here’s our personal favourite among all 3D masks—the 3D UtiMask sold by BestMart360 (優品360). Say goodbye to foggy glasses; this mask has a flexible nose wire that ensures no unwanted gaps between your nose bridge and your mask. It also has a BFE and PFE of at least 98 percent. And the best part? What makes the 3D UtiMask stand out is how the inside of the mask is not plastic-y to the touch—even on the hottest summer days, it is comfortable to wear, making it our first choice for face masks.

High-quality masks do not have to come at a heart-stopping price tag—the 3D UtiMask is sold at all BestMart360 outlets across Hong Kong, and costs $99 for two boxes of 20 individually packaged masks! On a side note, BestMart360 also sells regular masks (UniproCare and UtiMask) that are inexpensive and top-notch in terms of both quality and protection level, should you prefer other options.

BestMart360, locations across Hong Kong


Score yourself some compliments while complementing your outfit with face masks from Masklab. These masks come in an exhaustive range of patterns and designs (only a fraction of which are shown here) that are eye-catching and sophisticated—much like a piece of statement jewellery. Masklab even collaborates with renowned designers and local illustrators, going as far as launching a featured collection with—wait for it—Vivienne Tam!

Masklab offers the KF series 3D masks and regular adult surgical masks. The former has passed the EU PPE EN149 standards, while the latter is ASTM Level 3 and EN14683 Type IIR-certified. The masks are also individually packaged and have a BFE and PFE of above 99 percent! Their surgical masks come in three sizes, adult (17.5 centimetres), junior (15.5 centimetres), and child (13 centimetres), so nobody will feel left out.

Solid-colour masks from the KF series start at $48 for 10 masks, while patterned and designer surgical masks start at $68 for 10 masks. Patterned surgical masks start at $36 for 10 masks.

Masklab, locations across Hong Kong


Another one of our go-to favourites, MaskX provides soft and breathable masks perfect for daily use. It has passed the ASTM Level 3 and EN14683 Type IIR requirements, with over 99 percent in BFE, VFE and PFE rates, so it provides the highest level of protection, too.

Their 3D masks come in two sizes, one for kids and the other for adults, and their non-3D masks (our favourite non-3D mask model, in fact) come in three sizes, including two adult sizes (17.5 centimetres and 17 centimetres) and one junior size (14.5 centimetres).

With seasonal offers, massive discounts for members, and various promotions throughout the year—you can now buy three boxes and get one free!—be sure to swing by their stylish stores, search them up on Google, or follow their social media pages to get updates on when you can secure the best deals.

For a failsafe option that guarantees quality and comfort, get a box from one of their six physical stores across Hong Kong—you just might bump into us in their Causeway Bay branch!

MaskX, locations across Hong Kong

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For a heightened comfort level and minimum air leakage, Nanoknit has created three kinds of highly form-fitting masks. To keep up with the demand, Nanoknit has just recently launched their Ultra Lite series—designed with Hong Kong’s hot and humid summer weather in mind—so we can all combat the heat in style.

We recommend their most advanced design, the Ultra series, with its added adjustable nosebands and extra-thin two-ply design for better breathability. If you are worried about being completely protected when you’re heading out to a crowded place, they come with a pocket for slipping in a filter for added protection.

Masks can be bought in sets of twos—two Ultra, Ultra Lite, or two Classic 360 masks are $187, with two filters included. Extra filters along with the mask can be purchased via their official website. For larger bundles, their twin box set ($353) includes two regular sets, and their family box set ($714) includes four sets, so you can feel free to get yourself a few masks in all your favourite colours or snag a better bargain for your family and friends.

Green Sisters

Here we have the holy grail of cotton masks, fit for anyone seeking a greener, reusable alternative that can also put an end to “maskne” (mask acne) and rashes. What makes this made-in-Hong-Kong mask stand out from the overwhelming options in the market is its use of fabric: its shell fabric is 100 percent water-resistant polyester, its middle layer is made of 100 percent recycled polyester—the same material as a hazard gown—and its inner lining is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial Japanese medi fabric.

Despite being a non-surgical mask, the masks from Green Sisters provides an impressive level of protection—its middle layer has tested for 99 percent BFE and 97 percent PFE. It is even usable up until your hundredth wash, so considering its price of $148 per mask, it’s not just doing the environment a favour, it’s doing your wallet one, too.

With adjustable ear loops, several colours, and two sizes on offer—adult size and child size—the masks are truly the all-in-one solution for people who want to skip stressing about additional filters and sustainability.


Hailing all the way from Sweden, the “world’s most advanced air mask” is now being sold in Hong Kong! While this face mask requires a slightly larger investment compared to other models, its price tag is wholly justified. Equipped with top-notch filter technology, the Urban Air Mask 2.0 ($589)—their best and most advanced design—is KN95-certified, meaning that it is on par with the industrial N95 or FFP2 mask.

It also has a 3D memory nose foam and an adjustable nose clip—unlike others with regular metal wires—which acts as a foolproof anti-fogging system. To seal the deal—quite literally—you can use the optional head strap in addition to the adjustable and elastic ear loops to lift some of the burden off of your ears.

The Urban Air Mask 2.0 comes in three colours and four sizes; it even allows two-way filtration via its two valve stoppers that can deactivate the valve caps. Each mask comes with two replaceable Urban Air filters, exhalation valves, exhalation valve stoppers, a head strap, and a travel pouch. One filter can be used for around 100 hours, but ideally, filters should be replaced every 14 days, depending on the frequency of usage.

For a lengthier, in-depth explanation of the high-end technology put to use in their designs, they offer a comprehensive guide to their Urban Air Mask 2.0, so you can see why they confidently call themselves the best.

Airinum, locations across Hong Kong

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