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3 easy steps to create your smart home office

By Somfy Hong Kong Sponsored | 8 May 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has triggered probably the biggest work-from-home experiment for most citizens around the globe. As more and more people are working remotely, personalising your home office to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible in an effort to boost your productivity is a natural move to make.

When we talk about an efficient home office, what we mean is essentially a ‘smart’ home office. You can cut down on tedious little tasks like getting up to turn on the air conditioner or needing to close the curtains yourself to cut the afternoon glare. Creating a smart office means being able to focus on what matters most, eliminating small chores that could contribute to interrupting your workflow and breaking your concentration. Here are some quick tips to create a smart office you will feel happy to work in.


Keep your attention on work

No one wants to be getting up every 30 minutes to adjust their curtains according to different times of the day. By pressing just one button on either the Situo remote control or the Connexoon app on your phone, you can position your smart electric curtains according to your preferences and create intimate spaces. The centralised control unit lets you command several automated curtains at a time with a single press of a button, including ones that are hard to reach. Say bye-bye to climbing on chairs and sofas!

If you want to take your smart home office set-up even further, you can even use voice control for your electric curtains without needing to break eye contact with your screen. Link your smart curtains onto any home automation system and just ask Alexa or Google Assistant to move them for you. From customised lighting to temperature control, you can also link other applications in your home to the home automation system. From here on, everything will just be a voice command away.


Understand the importance of lighting

Office lighting is very important and you need to find the balance between utter darkness and a flood of light. It’s no secret that natural lighting improves wellbeing and work performance, as sunlight drives our efficiency. With Somfy, you can use their Situo remote control, Connexoon app, or your voice command to precisely adjust your automated curtains to let in the perfect amount of natural light for your needs.

Lighting systems such as Phillips HUE can also be controlled by Somfy’s Connexoon app on your phone, allowing you to change the colour of your lighting to alter your environment. Warmer lighting such as orange and yellow hues at night (with blue light removed) can make it easier for you to fall asleep, so if you’re working at night, this is something to consider.


Cover your windows from overexposure

Working from home sounds pretty good at first, but there are small things that you never realised would pose a problem for you. Ever struggled with the hateful glare on your computer screen from a bright sunny window? Instead of squirming around and trying to find that one specific angle where the sunlight doesn’t blind you, you can simply adjust your automated curtains with the touch of a button or a voice command.

You can even install temperature sensors that will adjust your curtains based on a pre-determined amount of sunlight and indoor temperature, which is great for keeping your home pleasant and cool. It also has the added benefit of protecting your furnishings from overexposure to sunlight.

With your smart home office taking care of the little things, you can use all the time you saved to focus on work instead and get things done in an efficient manner.

If you’re looking to install smart electric curtains without the need for renovation, Somfy’s WireFree Motor Range for blinds and curtains is an easy-to-install solution. Aside from being completely wireless, it is also powered by high-quality, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. In other words, there’s no electrical wiring needed, and you can simply recharge the detachable battery once or twice a year. After all, we are living in the future—who needs wires anymore?

Their sleek design blends into any interior décor, with adjustable speed for precise and quiet operation. The wire-free range is also compatible with all types of window coverings that you can customise. Compatible with Somfy’s Situo remote control, the Connexoon mobile app, and most home automation systems, all the control you need fits within the palm of your hand.

Wondering which motorised solution is the perfect match for your home? Get in touch with Somfy for a free consultation and start transitioning into a smart home office today.

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