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Everything you need to know about no-contract mobile service in Hong Kong

By Birdie Sponsored | 15 June 2020

Let’s be real: It’s almost impossible to live without a mobile phone in this day and age, and when it comes to looking into new mobile network contracts and plans for when it’s time to switch things up, things become a nightmare between the fine print. Local mobile operators offer a lot of different service plans and most of them require long-term commitment (24-month contracts are common), even though they might not be tailored to your exact needs. Instead of stressing over these details and perusing through a stack of possible contracts that require you to invest an arm and a leg, we’ve found an alternative solution for you—contract-free mobile service! New to this? Let us break down the perks for you.

No contract and no admin fees

Traditional telecommunication companies usually offer contracts with a minimum of 24 months, with lots of value-added services that you may or may not find useful. With this contract-free mobile service, they have done away with the contracts and commitments! Instead, as a user, you just pay on a month-by-month basis with simple and transparent mobile plans and no admin fees. What you see is exactly what you get, with no strings attached.

Sounds too good to be true? It gets better. Depending on your usage each month, you can even adjust your plan to suit your individual needs. Furthermore, students under 25 with a valid student ID are also eligible for additional bonus data and benefits for the same price as standard plans. Overseas students can also retain their local Hong Kong mobile number even when they are abroad and manage their service plans on a mobile app. Click here for more plan details.

Reliable network on a digital-only service

You don’t have to sacrifice on good network and signal just because it is a more affordable plan! For example, this mobile operator actually rides on a larger mobile network, SmarTone, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Hong Kong. From subscription changes to routine service management, when it comes to digital-only operators, everything can be done easily and conveniently on their mobile app or website. You can subscribe to a new Hong Kong number or carry over your existing number in as little as 15 minutes. Afterwards, you can pick up your new SIM card at over 600 locations across Hong Kong, including Circle K or 759 stores. If you are a bit lazy like we are, then you can even have the new SIM card delivered to your doorstep!

Sharing data whenever

Good things should be shared, and there’s no reason to be stingy with your mobile data. With one swipe on the mobile app, you can share your mobile data with other users on the same mobile operator. If you and your whole family use the same service provider, it’s even easier to benefit from this since you can easily send data to each other just by hollering at home.

Effortless rewards

Travel Data Day Pass is something embedded in the digital mobile operator, enabling you to purchase roaming data passes at bargain prices without having to change your SIM card. For Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, prices for data plans start as low as $12 per day. Simply by subscribing and maintaining your service with the same digital mobile operator, you will be rewarded with extra data and travel day passes. On the twelfth month of your subscription, you can even get 50 percent off your mobile bill—perfect when you’re trying to save a bit of cash!

Where to find it

We have been dropping a lot of hints about this contract-free operator, but who exactly are they? This mobile service saviour is none other than Birdie, Hong Kong’s first digital-only mobile operator riding on the SmarTone network. They aim to become the de-facto mobile network for today’s millennials both at home and abroad with an emphasis on community engagement. These include embedded travel day passes, their innovative Birdie Farm mobile game, their signature rewards program Birdie Friday, tailor-made features, and a newly launched Merchant Offers section that features exclusive deals from partners designed to meet all sorts of lifestyle needs.

One of their best value-for-money plans offers 15 GB for just $160 a month, with unlimited data usage from 1 am to 6 am every day, unlimited voice calls, and other add-ons. Birdie also runs frequent promotions on top of their basic plans, such as the ability to use AutoPay with Visa to get a $90 monthly plan waiver and getting up to 9GB local data for free. Click here for more details on Birdie’s offers.


Birdie Mobile aims to break from convention and liberate customers from the strings attached to contracts. Steering away from unnecessary physical stores, they provide an exclusively self-service online platform where users can easily select their desired services and handle account matters at their fingertips. With their online-only operation, they have co-created an online community with users to share their opinions, joy and meet some new friends. Birdie Mobile will lead fast-paced development in telecommunications technology and transform mobile services in Hong Kong.