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3 elements to consider for the perfect sleeping space

By Heveya® Sponsored | 25 May 2020

After a long, sluggish day at the office, there’s no denying that the idea of returning home, plopping down on an oversized bed, and getting a solid eight hours of uninterrupted rest sounds like an ideal scenario. However, considering that we live in one of the most densely populated cities in the world where bedroom space comes at a premium, it’s more prudent to go with the option that is sized right. But even with space limitations, you have more control over your sleeping environment than you might think; let’s consider these three easy tips to optimise your sleeping space!

Shape and size

The perfect bed starts off with the perfect fit for your bedroom. You want to be sure that your bed has ample sleeping space but also leaves enough room for you to navigate the rest of your bedroom—it’s no fun stumbling over furniture in the middle of the night because everything is tightly packed. However, finding the perfect fit for your sleeping space can be tricky at times, as most bedding and mattress retailers in Hong Kong focus on stocking standard-sized bedroom furniture without considering the needs of odd-sized spaces.

Aside from regular Hong Kong bed sizes, Heveya® can also provide customised options for their Heveya organic latex mattresses by making them according to the specific size, shape, and comfort of your choice. This means you can get a comfortable mattress furnished for an off-sized bed in a shoebox bedroom, or odd-shaped mattresses for yachts or baby cots. For those who fancy co-sleeping, they even can craft an ultra-wide bed to fit the whole family.

Comfort level

It goes without saying that everyone has different preferences for their comfort; some prefer firm mattresses, whilst others may want something softer. To cater to this, bedding shops carry different kinds of mattresses made of various materials. Most of us are quite familiar with the traditional PU foam or spring mattresses, but have you ever considered natural organic latex mattresses? The inherent elasticity of latex delivers a wonderful sense of comfort and support that lasts much longer than other mattress materials. Plus, an organic latex mattress is safe and ideal for sleepers prone to allergies, as it is free from chemicals, is breathable, and naturally dust mite- and mould-resistant.

Fortunately in Hong Kong, you can get these natural and comfy latex mattresses from Heveya®. The store specialises in natural and sustainable bedding products, and their sleep experts can provide advice on which sleeping system is suitable for you. Their signature line of latex mattresses can even be customised to hold dual firmness within one mattress cover, resulting in a bed with one firmer and one softer side, so neither you or your partner will need to compromise on sleep comfort!

Personalised bed base

Last but not least, your sleeping comfort not only depends on your mattress but also the combination of your mattress and bed base. Having a mattress customised to your comfort levels is the first step, but also consider the surface it will be placed on. With a supportive bed base, sleepers can gain the right level of support for a recuperative sleep; with a sagging base, no matter how good your mattress is, it will contribute to bad sleeping posture.

Ergonomically designed, Heveya® provides slatted bed bases made of high-quality beech wood. Durable and flexible, the slats are absolutely essential to give your back the support and comfort you need for better sleep. Moreover, the slats come with adjustable sliders which can be adjusted according to your firmness preference any time. With their motorised slatted bed base, the personalisation goes even further: Each side can be moved and adjusted individually so you and your partner get the best of both worlds!

Aside from the mattress and bed base, the most comfortable sleep is also achieved by choosing the right bed sheets and pillows. The sheets are the first thing that you touch as you lay down. If you like to sleep soft and cool, then you should try their Heveya Bamboo Lyocell Sheets, with its unique silky smooth and soft feathery texture. Due to its high breathability, the fabric wicks away moisture and repels odour, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Just like selecting a mattress, buying a pillow has to be done carefully as well. Sleeping on a pillow with the wrong firmness or height can cause aches in the neck and shoulders. At Heveya®, experienced sleep consultants can assist you in making the right choice. Make an appointment on their website to visit their cosy showroom and try their products at your leisure.


Heveya® is a shop in Central that specialises in bedding products made of natural and sustainable materials that fit all the criteria mentioned above. Their Heveya mattresses are made of 100 percent natural organic latex, promoting good spinal alignment and better blood circulation as well as being naturally dust- and mould-resistant!

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