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4 benefits of virtual relocation services

By AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist Sponsored | 20 August 2020

The world we live in now is only getting smaller and more accessible, and the number of people deciding to live in another city for new opportunities or being sent overseas by their companies is only growing to meet the demand for globalisation. This is when professional relocation services can really come into play for you or your family—or your employees. If you’re worried about the price of finding agents locally, how about a virtual relocation service?

What is virtual relocation?

Virtual relocation is a modern way of resettlement through seamless online modules. Focusing on guiding expats through their relocation journey with seamless, expert direction and an affordable price point, you will be assigned your own personal relocation planner to ease your stress levels during these pressure-ridden times. Plus, virtual location services offer customised solutions through every milestone of your relocation.

Step-by-step guidance

It goes without saying that uprooting yourself from one place to another is no easy task, and there are many aspects a family has to consider for relocation, including housing and schools when you have little ones in tow. Virtual relocation services can easily provide step-by-step guidance on what you have to focus on at different stages of your relocation journey, such as entry guidelines for different countries and documentation to begin with, and school searches later on.


There are a number of key advantages when engaging virtual relocation as your move program. With AIMS, for example, one of the benefits offered are virtual tours of your selected properties, which you can view ahead of time to help your shortlist your options. Once you have arrived at your destination, your assigned housing agent is also able to accompany you on scheduled physical viewings of your shortlisted properties and help with making a final decision on your choice of a new home.

Unlike traditional relocation companies, where most of the services are accompanied by a relocation consultant on authorised days, virtual services prioritise you and your calendar. For families with children, you can also schedule initial school consultations with virtual agents from AIMS, so all of your planning can be done virtually before you actually step into the new country!


Handling your relocation virtually sounds awfully convenient, but now you’re worried about the cost of such relocation services. Fear not—such agencies are actually more affordable than most traditional relocation services! AIMS, for example, offers one package with one price tag, which includes customised solutions for each individual or family needs. Traditional relocation services, on the other hand, often charge separately for different services (such as home searches, school searches, and temporary accommodation bookings). Even if they do offer bundles for the above, pricing is still on the higher end for individuals engaging such services.

Value-added benefits

Service is everything, and while we’re not saying that traditional relocation services are bad, in this case, virtual services are just better. To make sure you truly feel settled in, AIMS has a range of add-on services available, such as a one-month complimentary Virtual Office assistance package for people to arrive and start working almost immediately even during their quarantine period (specific to Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore). 

What’s next?

The first step of every relocation is to obtain a valid visa. Ensuring that your visa is processed smoothly and in a timely manner is the most important item on your relocation checklist. AIMS will curate your custom relocation plan, which includes the three biggest relocation factors: immigration, household goods moving coordination, and virtual destination services.

Moving is not easy. It’s full of stressful and painful processes that just add more frustration to the family’s relocation. Engaging with a virtual relocation provider like AIMS will help guarantee that your entire relocation journey is planned and processed by professionals at an affordable cost, so that everyone (and not just corporate-funded employees) can easily access professional guided service—virtually.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Discuss your plans with AIMS
  2. AIMS will curate a list of relocation options virtually
  3. Family will shortlist options prior to arrival (e.g. housing, schooling, movers’ quotation)
  4. Guided arrival solutions, such as pre-arrival preparation (e.g. immigration and quarantine arrangements)
  5. Guided city onboarding solutions (e.g. finalising your home, getting your day-to-day living set up)
  6. Post-two-month call after arrival to support the family with settling in

AIMS Virtual Relocation is now available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Not to worry if you have your heart set on a country or city where virtual relocation is not currently available; rest assured that AIMS will continue to serve its customers through improvised traditional relocation methods. Are you ready to begin your relocation journey with AIMS? Click here for more information.

AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist

AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist is dedicated to supporting individuals and corporate firms with immigration and relocation needs. Incorporated in Singapore in 2006, AIMS has since expanded its footprint with 13 offices situated across the Asia Pacific including Hong Kong. AIMS places focus on ensuring customer’s needs are placed in the centre of the service delivery methods by focusing on the basic core requirements for immigration and relocation to deliver exceptional service.