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Hong Kong’s newest hybrid workout classes you need to try

By Localiiz Branded | 14 September 2021

Header image courtesy of Fivez Fitness & Wellness

While it is a great thing that many of us are turning to exercise as an essential part of our day, repeating the same few classes and same few moves are starting to become as boresome as taking a jog down the exact same pathway every... single... day. Here are some all-new hybrid exercise options to revitalise your body and reignite your motivation to work out!

Whether you are the type to have made your way through a different sport every week, or if you are somebody who finds it difficult to keep at a routine due to its repetitiveness, fusing activities together can help. 

A hybrid workout is great not only due to its novelty, but also for the blend of movements that train your whole body in one go, combining different sorts of training that have effects on specific body parts into one. A large number of gyms, personal trainers, and fitness spaces have taken to incorporating these types of exercises into their classes, showing quite a few unique options that have emerged into the mainstream.

New to hit the Hong Kong fitness scene is an exciting mix of upbeat musical elements and sweat-inducing sports. Fusing elements that hit the target on your quota of cardio and bodily conditioning, with a side of sculpting for an enhanced figure that better reflects your strength and athleticism.

Spearheaded by the Mossa training programme that was founded in 1970s Atlanta, Fivez Fitness and Wellness is the one and only space in all of Hong Kong that offers the official training and curriculum of Mossa Group Centergy and Mossa Group Groove. Read on to find out more about what each exciting new series entails, and how to kickstart your journey towards a whole new exercise regimen.

Why you need to try Mossa Group Centergy

Powering through and sticking to an active schedule takes not only physical stamina, but also great mental fortitude. Aiming to strike a connection between the mind and body, Mossa Group Centergy finds a harmonic balance between multiple different disciplines. Merging together specialised yoga as well as pilates, their custom program is optimised to aid participants enhance their sense of balance, mobility, flexibility, and strength. It is a head-to-toe practice that allows you to redefine yourself.

Accompanied by 10 musical sets, the session is split into three main sections. It begins with a gradual easing into fluid movement, involving three sets of dynamic warm-ups drawn from classic yoga postures, such as warriors in variation. Feel loosened up and unshackled with broad and open movements that are great for tapping into the interconnected junction between your level of energy, muscles, and pattern of breathing.

Next comes the middle section which is all about the core! Although it may not come across as a strenuous endeavour, approaching core balancing activities with mindful effort will pack a punch with its effects. Settling into tree poses in variation helps add to your core and plank strength, enhancing your degree of fitness from inside out. Following the pattern of a steady rise in action, comes a steady fall as well to bring you back to resting. Before wrapping, the final section lulls you back into a chilled state through relaxation and flexibility.

With peaks and rises embedded into the rhythm of the session, you are taken into a multi-layered experience that paces your activities in flexibility, mobility, and core strength with an engrossing soundtrack. Constantly weaving between yoga and pilates, alongside an ebbing and fluctuating musical accompaniment—you will never have a dull moment. Breathe and sweat to the emotive music, and feel movement throughout your entire body.

Why you need to try Mossa Group Groove

Having already garnered enthusiastic reception in China, Japan, Taiwan, and several other countries around Asia, Mossa Group Groove brings a unique direction to much-dreaded cardio workouts. Prepare to sweat out some smiles as you bust out some moves over a full hour of upbeat dancing. Regardless of your dance capability, their mixed repertoire of club, hip-hop, and even Latin dance-inspired moves, will infect you with the jitterbug for sure.

Over the course of 10 upbeat sets, the fitness-oriented dancing will charge you with a full blast of vigour. Before you know it, the groove session would have snuck in a full sweep of fat-burning cardio! Tying it all together is the communal group spirit that keeps morale up during the intense moves, led by passionate instructors who drive the session to rowdy heights. To keep things perpetually fresh, the music and program has a makeover every quarter, and can be tracked via the official Mossa Group Groove website.

As summer comes to a close, there’s no better way to keep the ball rolling on keeping active. If this crash course hasn’t already convinced you of the brilliant benefits that Fivez Fitness presents in their Mossa workouts, there is still a chance for you to go ahead and experience them for yourself!

Fivez Fitness & Wellness

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